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The Cre8tive Life

Issue 12- April 12, 2019

Issue 12- April 12, 2019

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday- and, "Welcome back to "The Cre8tive Life!"- your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out!

This week I have been spending my time "stretching my social media muscles," and working with Women in the World's 10th Anniversary Summit as one of their official live tweeters. I have had an AMAZING time hearing from some of the world's most fascinating women who are doing some of the most remarkable things (Oprah, Priyanka Chopra, Stacy Abrams, Brie Larson...just to name a few). The summit has not completed yet; but, I'm sharing a couple pictures below. I will be doing a more official recap on my Instagram (@thecre8tiveartisan).



My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Dwaal - a dreamy, dazed, or absent-minded state


  • ADVICE: "I come as one, but I stand as 10,000"
    ~ Maya Angelou ~


  • MOOD MUSIC: I always love an "unexpected good surprise," and Mayer Hawthorne is just that. His soulful mellow vibe has been the perfect soundtrack for my moments of calm this week- especially, this one: "Maybe So, Maybe No."


  • SMILE OF THE WEEK: They sure don't make them like this any more--- THIS STORY of 82 years of marriage will give you all of the feels!


  • FOOD OF THE WEEK: Earlier this week at the conference, I randomly decided to try these Curried Chickpea and Cauliflower Wraps. And, they were truly SENSATIONAL! (* While I personally cannot vouch for this particular recipe, it does look and sound like what I had. Let me know if you end up making these (and what you think)!


  • RANDOM LIFE TIP: I don't know about you, but I get super excited anytime I learn a "new" computer hack. Hopefully one of these 60 Keyboard Shortcuts will help bring a little more time back to your day!


  • THING I WANT TO TRY: Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE to travel. I am seriously eyeing this one piece inflatable jumpsuit- it looks so cool, and seems to have everything!


"Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world."
~ David McCullough Jr.~

I read this quote earlier this week, and it immediately "struck a chord" with me. As I am currently moving through a period of transition, and deep reflection, I have found that I have been really gravitating towards connection to purpose. I have been thinking about how such a thing evolves in a person over the course of their life. Some people seem to innately know from a young age what they feel they are meant to do, and others go through many iterations of branding in their discovery. The paths to get to this "mountain" can go a myriad of ways. But, I believe the main point is to make sure that you are following the trek of your own journey, and doing things that feel connected to who you are at your core. That should ultimately be YOUR WHY. You can't let your focus and your strive be the seeking of glory from others. You have to make sure that you are climbing towards the things that you feel called to do--even if they don't always make sense to others. We are all different, and each have a unique purpose and reason as to why we are here on this earth. And, you do yourself (and the world) the greatest disservice by not adhering to that. There is an inherent beauty to your being, and to you connecting to your true why. I believe that is what the "climb of life" is about---the evolution of getting to that connection point, finding yourself, and discovering the beautiful magic that can happen when you have that vantage point in life. You "see" the world differently because you are united with it in a different and more meaningful way.  


This week I challenge you to think about if the things you are "climbing" are really for you. And, if not, what actionable steps can you take to get to where you want to go?


I am STILL in the process of creating some "non-traditional" events where people can connect on a deeper level in person. And, I am still in need of a bit more feedback in my survey. If you have not done so already, please take a quick 5 minutes to fill out:


Thanks sooooooo much in advance for your time!

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Lastly, if you happen to have any future topic ideas, or come across any events I should know about, PLEASE feel free to send those along my way. I always LOVE discovering and learning about new things! 

Have a great day, and be sure to take time to enjoy your life!


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