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SET-Nav - Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation was initiated in April 2016 and is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme.

SET-Nav supports strategic decision making in Europe's energy sector, enhancing innovation towards a clean, secure and efficient energy system.

SET-Nav Modelling Workshops Publications

Issue Paper on Hybrid Modelling: Linking and Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Models!

Read the Issue Paper on Hybrid Modelling: Linking and Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Models developed by DIW Berlin and NTNU and prepared within the framework of the SET-Nav Modelling Workshop in Trondheim, 24 -25 November 2016. Learn more about linking bottom-up sectoral (engineering) models with (macroeconomic) top-down models for designing energy systems compatible with sustainable economic growth (hybrid modelling).

The issue paper considers two types of linking: Soft-linking models (the “user” controls the data exchange between the models) and Hard-linking models (the data exchange is automated).

Discussion paper: A three-model linkage for energy-economics-environmental analysis: TIMES, REMES, and EXIOBASE

Download now the new SET-Nav Discussion paper developed by NTNU and SINTEF discussing how an energy systems model for Norway, a regional economic model for Norway and an environmental and assessment tool will be linked to allow improved assessments of energy and climate policies.

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 691843 (SET-Nav)


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