I recently switched to a new note-taking tool.

This was no mundane change. 

I've been using my previous tool of choice for more than 12 years. But about a year back they started making changes that simply didn't make sense for my use case. I saw my usage starting to decrease. And then there was nothing keeping me from switching. The credit of my affection was depleted.

And then, right after canceling my subscription, I started getting all these discount offers.

It's all too reminiscent of a love relationship.

You start great. You're having fun together. Then slowly your lover starts to not care about your opinion anymore. You grow apart. You decide to end it. Only to find the offending lover groveling at your doorstep, begging for you to take them back.

But this only works in movies. Beautiful lies.

It's way too hard to bring back a user who has decided to move on. They have made their decision. They've already moved on in their head.

The only viable course of action is to... wait for it... pay attention to your users!

Are they coming back less and less often? Are they visiting your support pages too frequently? Do they review their plan page on a regular basis?

You can work on the relationship. You can demonstrate that you care. Just make sure you do it before it's too late.

Be proactive,

From the blog (or, in this case, YouTube)

A collection of talks on content, branding, personas, and more
Over the past year, I've had the chance to speak at some great virtual events. The benefit of them being virtual lies in the recordings. So I finally got around to creating a YouTube channel where I will be uploading future talks, too. There's already some nice content there around content marketing planning, brand voice, small business branding. If you're in the mood for some video content, take a look!

Hand-selected pieces for you

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Twitter's character limit poses an interesting copywriting challenge. You need to draw attention with limited space. So using some of these structure ideas and psychological tricks can help you achieve success.

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Need some design inspiration? This post from Unbounce covers not just flashy examples but a few broader ideas you can test on your next landing page.

The Role of Emotion and Storytelling For Brand Building
We're all built to react to stories. This post sums up nicely why stories work by bringing in the concept of emotional branding. Get ready for some psychological concepts and a quick overview of the way to tell stories.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement: A Guide For 2021
Social media engagement is a gateway to a long-term relationship with your audience and additional visibility of your content on social platforms. This post gives some basic but very important steps to ensure social media engagement.

5 Ways Brand Archetypes Help New Businesses Nail Branding
Brand archetypes are one of my favorite shortcuts when building a strong brand voice. If you're not familiar with the concept, this is a nice intro that also explains what benefits you can expect from a clearer brand ethos.

Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This guide on burnout from HBR — I'm still not fully done with it but so far this has proven to be an amazing read. It goes to explain why stress is such a big issue with many people now and then presents some interesting coping mechanisms.
  • This playlist I've been working to lately — Dishoom is a UK Indian restaurant chain and the way they do business is amazing. But I want to recommend their restaurants' music selection, as well. This has been my work soundtrack over the past week and I thoroughly recommend it.
  • These B2B content marketing talks — the latest installment of the Wynter Games is focused on content marketing and features some great speakers, including Andy Crestodina and Dr. Fio Dossetto.

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