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The latest releases.

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Below are four of my most recent projects. All the songs were recorded in my home studio in 2018 and were produced by my very good friend and sound engineer, Leo Valentino and me, except for the video of my good friend Tony D'Addono which was recorded and produced by me. Just click the pics and enjoy!

Surfin' with Winkle

Surfin' with Winkle

I had a ball finishing this song in my home studio. It came about over a conversation with my "best of friends" and musical compatriot, Tony D'Addono. Tony's a big Ventures fan and a lover of surf music in general. One evening over dinner, he said, "Why don't you write a surf song." I said, "Really?" He said yes, it would be a lot of fun.  So I started noodling about, and in short order, I had written 4 of them. I got so into it I created an imaginary surf band called "Into the Soup." So from Robby Winkle (rhythm guitar), Denny Winkle (drums), Benny Winkle (bass), and Lenny Winkle (lead guitar), surf 's up, surf on!

Special thanks to Tony for the use of his Mosrite ("The Ventures" model, of course) guitar.


Falling Apart

Falling Apart 

A song about someone having a conversation with their subconscious self. I've used this type of "inner psychological conversation" in other songs I've written and seem compelled to return to it from time-to-time. People who have listened to it have heard hints of everything from Mamas and Papas harmony to David Bowie's intimate vocals. It's always nice to hear that people hear influences of artists I highly respect. Carolyn (Asti) and I sang the background vocals.

Special thanks to my good friend Doug Fearn for the use of the D.W. Fearn VT-1 preamp and a classic Cole 4038 ribbon mic. Both were used in the production of this recording.

Video: Dangerous Dreams

Dangerous Dreams

A song that explores the psychological response that people have to social upheaval. If left unchecked the chaos eventually permeates people's dreams. So are we dreaming of what we will become or what we have become?  Is it haunting you now?

This is worth a listen to hear my good friend Tony D'Addono nail the sax solo. Truly an amazing musician. Again, Carolyn and I sang the background vocals.

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Video: Tony D'Addono performs Here, There, and Everywhere


Here, There, and Everywhere

I recorded and videotaped several of Tony's wonderful transcriptions of classic Beatles tunes earlier this year. Here, There, and Everywhere is first in the series. The silhouette woodburning of the Beatles was done by Carolyn Asti. More in this series to come. 


Visit Tony's website for more great classical guitar music.

Visit Carolyn Asit's website for more great artwork.

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