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collective Stockholm syndrome

A few clarifications first

I do not write to prove I am right, neither to boast my "culture", but to explain what moves me to produce the music that I do, and possibly help others benefit from these reflections.

It was precisely to understand the blockage of original music that I had to study the current system, namely the slow implementation of a global dictatorship.

It turns out that music is one of the major hypnotizing tools of the system.

As I was forced to look into the treasures of other "cultures" (not to say traditions), I had to open to other ways of thinking. Not to adopt another culture, but to better understand mine and find what is missing. It was never my intention to copy Indian music for example, but life brought me to meet Indian musicians who had the modal improvisation capabilities that I could not find in Europe.

I do not believe that the current "civilization" is salvable, but it does no harm to start relearning to think. Hypnosis has been easier in the West because the mental constitution of Westerners has a strong sentimental tendency, which has inexorably drifted towards real emotional hypertrophy. Even if, before the Second World War, one could still distinguish between Eastern and Western thought, today the West has invaded and crushed everything on its ruthless post-materialist anvil.

The modern Westerner - should I say the "citizen of the world"? - no longer knows the difference between conceive and imagine, spirit and mind, or between intellect and reason.

The ignorance of all these things leaves him sitting duck for all possible psychic attacks.

Hypnosis wears out with time, so it has to be reactivated, is it then better to stop following the mass mentality? The system knows it, so the fake news is also fed to the so-called alternative scene. The pseudo-deprogramming of post-68 New Age has only displaced the subjects of hypnosis, not really awoken people.

Anyone will be even more suggestible after deprogramming hypnosis because of the "liberation" he is experiencing. The suggestions of the deprogrammers are all the more powerful when they are consciously accepted.

People think they are free thinkers and impossible to manipulate, but, not verifying the original meaning of words, they constantly and unconsciously put themselves in a position to reactivate all suggestions. This is btw. one of the reasons why I play instrumental music.

Hypnosis and politics

Passivity: highlighted by the way certain words are enough to electrify the crowds.

Disinterest: unprovable?

Group: obvious.

Starting suggestion: these certain words like "democracy, equality, freedom ..." and fraternity, if all else no longer works (solidarity and share in the current and final phase: freedom and equality become subordinate).

Benefits: La Fontaine told us enough: "Flatterers thrive on fools' credulity. Vanity is a horrid vice"

Manipulators: you may find more stupid, have fun looking ...

Have you noticed the most common trick of politicians who use emotions to get re-elected?

Hypnosis and TV

Passivity: try to answer your screen ...

Disinterest: finally a subject where everyone agrees ...

Group: not really necessary, since the trigger is "automatically wanted !!!"

Starting suggestion: worldly culture 2.0

Benefits: Even for the school, you have to watch it to answer the next day in French class or philosophy.

Manipulators: stupidity is itself a level low enough to guarantee the effectiveness of a - name your most vulgar host.

The constant bombardment of selected opposing opinions kills reflection, as in televised debates that lead nowhere.

Or to massive Stockholm syndrome?

As for hypnosis and spectacle / music, it will be for next time, I'm still fighting with my website which is temporarily offline, grr.

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Gilles Zimmermann

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