Maybe my middle name should be "Tweak"...

Hey guys!

You've probably heard us say that it feels odd to describe houses as "completely finished" because there's a certain amount of evolving that always seems to happen. John even hesitated to call the beach house photos in last week's post "afters" since we knew there'd inevitably be some changes sooner or later. And one of them definitely falls into the "sooner" category. 

The pendant lights that hung over the dining table at the beach house were made from one of my all-time favorite materials (CAPIZ!!!), but they always felt a little sparse and less substantial than we had intended them to be when we hung two of them over the table. So after a year of mulling it over, we finally pulled the trigger and swapped in something we knew would fill things out and feel less spacey: these two capiz chandeliers from our lighting collection. 

We LOVE the extra gleam of metal that we get from the new ones (the white canopy and chain of the older ones never felt as dressed up as our other kitchen pendants which have metal stems and canopies). Plus our resident light bulb maniac (John "Special Eyes" Petersik) had lamented that the former ones just had one bulb, while the new fixtures have three bulbs each for added glow. 

And their fuller silhouettes definitely give us more of that cozy and not too empty feeling over the table - so everyone wins! John gets more lighting and I get more cowbell, I mean capiz. Ha! 

The good news is that we have a plan for hanging the old capiz lights in the duplex, in a smaller space for a one bulb pendant, which should be the sweet spot. So at least we know they'll be going to a happy home. 

And lastly, speaking of dining spaces... HAVE A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

In other news, here's what you may have missed recently:

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John and I got into a big fight over the duplex kitchen design, which we're taking you through on this week's podcast. And check out the show notes for a look at how we changed things to make us both happy.

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It's almost time to bust out my faux magnolia leaf garland again and I'm so excited! It's on clearance right now too ($20 off!) so I would totally be snagging another one if I had a second mantle to decorate. We added these battery operated lights to make it sparkle too.

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We're working on a holiday gift guide for you guys, but in the meantime we've added a Favorite Things tab to our blog menu. It's where you can find all of the things we own, love, and are asked most about, many of which would make great gifts... even if it's just a gift for yourself!

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Hope you have an awesome week! 

xoxo, Sherry (& John)

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