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Connecticut Rivers Council

CEO Steven Smith


For Immediate Release

Doing Our Part: Connecticut Rivers Council

East Hartford, CT, The Connecticut Rivers Council: Boy Scouts of America would first like to say we hope all our members and fellow Connecticut citizens stay safe and healthy during this turbulent time. We want to let you know we are with you and we will do our part during this national public crisis.

For our community we have gathered all of our Camp's medical supplies and donated them to local medical support facilities.  The items donated include but are not limited to masks, hospital gowns, and gloves.  Using 3-D printers from our summer camps, we have started to produce N95 masks and face shields. These are being donated to local healthcare providers.  We will continue to live Scouting’s values including being helpful partners in our community and doing a good turn daily. 

For our members, we our providing supplemental program so Scouting can continue at home.  We have completed our first week of virtual merit badge instruction, allowing Scouts to learn interesting topics via video conferencing with trained adult merit badge counselors. Topics include Public Health, American Heritage, Citizenship in the World, and more.  Families from as far as Texas have signed up for this industry-leading program here in Connecticut.  We built a separate page on our site that is filled with resources for families so they can Scout On.  The link to the site can be found here.  In addition, we will continue to keep our members updated with safety tips and home scouting programs, as well as encourage healthy and responsible behaviors.  

We have provided an infographic and pictures that summarize our efforts thus far.  We also want to thank all frontliners who are saving lives and providing critical services allowing our Scouts and Scouters to stay home, and stay safe.

The Connecticut Rivers Council proudly serves over 13,000 boys and girls throughout Connecticut with the time-tested leadership training program of Scouting. The Connecticut Rivers Council will enthusiastically meet new challenges head-on and continue to offer quality programming and services to the communities we serve.

Yours in the Community,

Connecticut Rivers Council


Connecticut Rivers Council

60 darlin st, East Hartford
CT 06108 United States


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