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The First Cover Reveal of 2020!
Whisper My Name, Aspen Gold Series Book 7
Cover Reveal!

The first Aspen Gold book of 2020 is on the way!

Watch for the release of Whisper My Name on March 24, 2020.

Here's what Cheryl has to say about Whisper My Name

I'm currently knee-deep in my next Aspen Gold book, Whisper My Name. Some of you guessed it would be about Joe Cavanaugh and you were right. 

This is my inspiration photo for the sheriff. Think he's inspiring?

He's a lawman with a 15 year-old daughter and a big, close, messy family. He has a history, too, enough to make him wary when he meets a newcomer who keeps to herself and has a sketchy past. He busies himself with his daughter, work, teaching self-defense to women and building a log home--next to the newcomer, Laurel Whitaker's rental on the lake.

How could he possibly have time to think about her--let alone fall in love? Let the sawdust fall where it may…love is always blooming in Spencer.

Cheryl :-)

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