PySpark 2.x : 150 Questions added

Databricks PySpark 2.x Certification Updates : 150 Questions Added

Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x Cert No : PR000005

PySpark 2. : Databricks Certification updates. Our technical team is doing continuous hard work, to provide updated material as fast as possible. And we have added new Questions and Answers to existing product for preparing certification of Databricks PySpark Certification. Below are the updates

  1. Previously there were 120 questions, now there are in total 270 questions, in 5 papers.
  2. Below topics are considered 
    • Machine Learning
    • Spark Structured Streaming
    • Deployment Models
    • RDD questions are still being asked in real exam
    • accumulator and Broadcast Variables
    • Performance Optimizations
    • Persistence and Caching

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