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Don't we all love engagement?


This is something I enjoy talking about - building genuine relationships with your readers and followers.

You'd know that already if you follow me on Instagram or are active in my Facebook group. ;)

One of the ways I gauge engagement is to study analytics for my social media posts as well as my blog, right?

So, last week, I tested something interesting and sent out my weekly newsletter on THURSDAY instead of Monday.

Result? That newsletter has had the BEST open rate AND click-through rate of all my newsletters so far!

Lesson learnt: Thursday it is for the newsletter, going forward.

Improving Engagement on Social Media Posts:

Most people assume there is a trick of some sort to this, but the truth is it's very simple.

a) Find the platform where your potential audience is active

b) Study the platform to determine what kind of content works the best

c) Write in-depth posts on the grid. For my niche this works VERY well.

d) Talk to your audience and make them feel special

In my case, that is Instagram. Here's what I do whenever I get a new follower.

I see if he/she engages on my posts or sends me a Direct Message.

If they do, I acknowledge that with a comment, go over to visit their profile, give them a follow and check out their posts.

Over time, the more a person engages with me, the more likely I am to remember the person better and genuinely engage with them.

I also check to see which of my followers frequently follows my Instagram stories.

I then periodically give them a shout on on my stories and ask my followers to follow them.

*Hint: Stories are where the engagement is perfect. Stop worrying about algorithm changes and if people are seeing your posts on the grid. Focus on stories.

NUTSHELL: Treat others on a platform the way you'd like to be treated- with kindness and empathy.

New Post:

I had a totally different post planned for this week on the blog, but my gorgeous Instagram followers inspired me to write this one.

It's perfect for 2020 coming up and people making resolutions too!

Read: How to Build Habits and Resolutions That Stick for a Lifetime


I shared a link to Carly Campbell's digital planner and said it was for free, but I forgot an important thing: The Coupon code! Sheesh!

Anyway, here it is again. It's free till the end of this month.

Click Here to Grab the FREE planner

Use Coupon Code 'merrychristmas2019' at Checkout to get it for free.


This section is going to be a mix of some insights and some ideas I've come across recently.

1. Improve Organic Engagement

Here's a great post from Social Media Examiner to improve organic engagement in 4 creative ways.

2. Social Media Breaks

This is another topic I genuinely love: The idea of taking a break from social media.

My good friend, Aparna, talks about how the whole family takes a digital Sabbath each week. Goals!


Have I mentioned yet that I love Instagram?

One of my wonderful followers reached out with a lovely collaboration idea and I am excited to see how it unfolds.

More details will be revealed soon and YES, it will be relevant to you all, so watch this space for updates.

Don't  miss the post on the blog if you're wondering how to ace that habit building and goal setting! ;)

Until next week,



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