We are thrilled to unveil an exciting initiative aimed at fostering connections, sharing experiences, and elevating our community to new heights: the NomadMania Envoy Programme.

In short, the NomadMania Envoy Programme is a network of our local representatives all over the world, entitled to connect travellers from within.

Meet our Envoys and learn more about their activities here :-)

Do note that not all Envoy positions have been filled. If you find that there is no Envoy mentioned for your region and you are interested in this, please contact us.

Meet Ezra Gojenola-Pertika - 

the first Basque to visit every country

Not a long time ago Ezra Gojenola-Pertika from Bilbao, Spain visited every country in the world becoming the first Basque to achieve this milestone. Moreover, Ezra is our Envoy for Spain and Portugal. 

We interviewed Ezra to get to know more about him and his travels.

Q: Being the first Basque to travel to every country in the world is a remarkable achievement. How has this journey impacted your sense of identity and connection to your Basque roots?

A: This is something that fills me with pride. I cannot help but consider myself a link in the long chain of Basque navigators, conquerors and explorers who have left an indelible mark on the history of humanity.

This experience has strengthened the connection with my Basque roots and has filled me with a deep sense of identity and belonging. The more places I saw, the more proud and lucky I felt to have been born on this little piece of land.

Furthermore, I felt the responsibility of sharing this cultural wealth with the people I met on my travels. I consider this experience as an opportunity to represent my land and contribute, in my own way, to the global history of the Basques.

Read the full interview with Ezra here

Upcoming NomadMania Events

Our brand new Event Calendar is taking shape with more and more events, hosted by Envoys, popping up all over the globe.

Currently the registration is open for: 

We are constantly updating the full list of NomadMania events here. Keep an eye on it and join us if you happen to be around. It's a perfect opportunity to meet fellow nomads, share stories and make new friends. 

A Warm Welcome to the New UN Masters

February may be the shortest month, but this year it has been incredibly rich with new UN Masters! A number of incredible travellers have finished their quest of visiting every country!

Hats off to:

  • Joel Oleson and Michael Noel from the US, who both finished in Libya;
  • Matthew Allison, also American, who chose exotic Saint Kitts and Nevis for the finish line;
  • Michael Doessegger from Switzerland who celebrated in remote Nauru and Brogger Fleming from Denmark, whose journey ended in Chad;
  • Christian Fleischer from the US and New Zealand, who completed 193 last week in the Bahamas;
  • Fleming Brogger from Denmark also completed 193 with Chad as his final country.

All of them are such an inspiration for our community. Congratulations! We now count 10 UN Masters in 2024 and the year has barely begun!

As Seen On...

NomadMania is featured in the latest episode 139 of James Hammond's Winging It Travel Podcast

Our founder, Harry Mitsidis, shares his unique travel stories, insights, and a few laughs, offering a glimpse into the life of a true travel addict and how it led to establishing NomadMania

DARE to Explore

This week we add new DARE places from South-East Asia.

Let’s zoom in on the Cuyo Archipelago in the Philippines.

Comprising a cluster of idyllic islands nestled in the heart of the Sulu Sea, the Cuyo Archipelago is a paradise waiting to be explored. With pristine beaches, azure waters, and rich marine biodiversity, this hidden gem offers an unforgettable experience for intrepid travelers.

Read more about the Cuyo Archipelago in our social media posts on facebook and instagram. Happy travels.


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