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PAW Dog of the Month: Jack Daniels


Jack is a 1.5 year old, 60 lb., Plott Hound Mix. He is friendly and warms fairly quickly, but can be a bit leery and skittish at first, especially around new people and in new situations.

His foster mom has the following to say about him: Jack is a very sweet dog. He is quite nervous and timid but is warming up. He would be best with another dog sibling. Jack has really started coming out of his shell since we got a 2nd dog, Buddy the 20 lb beagle. Buddy let it be known right away that he is in charge but Jack doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t sleep on his bed. 

Jack was so scared even in the yard but now is racing round and round the yard even if Buddy just watches him. He is also now taking food from my hand and lets me pet him.

He may look like a black lab at first but he is definitely all hound! Doesn’t want to chase a ball or retrieve. All he wants to do is sniff and run to try to find rabbits, squirrels and birds. He gets on a scent and is too busy to pay attention to anything else. He will try to climb up a tree to get a squirrel and howls when he can’t him.

He LOVES to go to the dog park and play with the other dogs. He’s playful and also runs super fast. We take him almost every day. He likes to go on walks, would love to stay outside a lot.

He will need somebody that understands timid dogs and will work with him to become more secure and confident. He would love to have another dog sibling. I would be nervous about little kids until he gets more confident. He flinches a lot at loud noises and new things.

He is very strong – pulls hard on the leash. Will need some training to walk nicely.

Thank you for helping Jack find his forever home!

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PAW Cat of the Month: Karma


Karma is a beautiful tabby mix lap cat.  She is also a survivor.  Karma was rescued, along with two other cats, when their owner could no longer care for them.  Karma was neglected, underfed, had ear mites and fleas. Her previous owner said she was 5 years old, but the foster vet puts her age closer to 2 years old. 

We have learned she is allergic to fleas - and they bother her so much that she bit off patches of her beautiful fur. She has been treated with a round of steroids, and now that the inflammation and itching have been treated, her fur is growing back nicely. Karma will need flea prevention for the rest of her life. 

Karma has made great strides in recovering from neglect and is now a confident and loving kitty. She now likes to be picked up for short periods and cooperates with only a little fuss while her nails are clipped.  

Two weeks into being fostered, Karma needed to be put on a prescription diet for a sensitive tummy, however after she is adopted it should be possible to very slowly switch her food to nonprescription. 

Karma would do best in a home without small children or dogs, but could be a great companion for another cat. While in foster care she has done very well with the family’s pet cat, Ozzy. 

Karma loves to be petted and jumps on her foster parents' laps when they sit down to watch TV.  Karma and Ozzy often share the same lap. Karma likes to be in charge, and Ozzy is happy to let her be alpha.

Karma’s favorite playtime activities are chasing ribbons and a laser. 

Karma is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and tested negative for FIV/FELV. To learn more about Karma, please contact Heather at  

Thank you for helping Karma find her forever home!

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, PAW has an offer for you. Our 2021 Photo Contest! With a lot of people home, we have decided to start a little early this year. We are inviting all adopters (even if you adopted from another rescue/shelter) to submit photos to be in our 2021 Photo Contest. Our Photo Contest is open to all adopted cats & dogs, however, to be eligible for the 2021 PAW Calendar, your cat or dog must have been adopted through PAW.

The website is open and ready to accept your photo. We will be awarding prizes for the top three pictures with the most votes. Please click below for all information (rules, prizes, etc.) about our contest. The contest will run until the beginning of September.

To keep the contest on everyone's mind, we will be running a few "mini" contests throughout the next few months.

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Maryland Charity Campaign (MCC): is a workplace charitable giving program that offers State Employees and eligible Retirees the opportunity to contribute to charities using the convenience of payroll deduction. Currently, more than 800 charities participate in the campaign, including PAW.  If you are a MD State employee or eligible retiree and would like to donate to PAW through the MCC, please go to: Thank you!

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): About 85% of PAW expenses this year will be for veterinary care and boarding for our rescue animals. Our funding is entirely dependent on individual bequests, donations at fundraising events, the website, and the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC is the workplace charitable donation vehicle for active and retired federal employees and contractors, and represents more than 22,000 charities. We receive about 20% of our income through CFC, a 50% decline over recent years. Donations to all CFC charities are down and this year's fundraising atmosphere will be particularly challenging. If we are to continue to rescue, heal, and place animals at our current pace, we need to raise significantly more CFC funds. If you are an active or retired federal employee and would like to donate through CFC, please be sure to speak with your agency CFC coordinator. You can also ask your CFC coordinator to get us an invitation to their charity fair!  CFC events occur primarily between early October and mid-November on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in helping at one of the fairs, please contact Martha at You do not need to be a federal employee or retiree to help at the fairs. We really appreciate your help! 

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Md. dog trainer gives tips on how to prepare your pup for when you return to work

From our friends at WTOP...

Certified dog trainer Juliana Willems gives tips on how to prepare your dog for when you go back to work. (Courtesy Dog Latin Dog Training) Whether your dog is enjoying your extended presence at home or it’s hiding to get some peace and quiet for a change, a Montgomery County, Maryland, dog trainer has tips on how to get your pup ready for when you return to work.

Anyone who had to hunker down and comply with stay-at-home orders may have experienced it.

The tail-wagging and contented sighs from the family dog, thrilled that once again that its human companion is staying home.

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