This can be overwhelming...

Do you remember the movie Rocky? 

Many peeps were born after its release date of 1976. However, I am sure you have seen it or heard of it - an absolute classic!

Anyhow, I stumbled across some facts about it and learned that Sylvester Stallone actually wrote the entire script by hand in 3.5 days, and the actual movie itself was shot in a whooping 28 days!

How crazy is that?

Considering the fact that a lot of movies take YEARS to produce, this impressed me.

At the same time, it reminded me of the average person starting on the fermenting journey watching a few YouTube videos and joining online groups, versus one of my gut healing students!


Well, the "average person" who gets into fermenting food and gut healing really do just dabble for a year or 2. Procrastinating on a slew of other things. 

On the other hand, peeps like our senior Tom (my inspiration for the 3 video gut healing series), follow a simple easy plan " I gained back 20 years of my life with a few lifestyle changes" Tom. I am so grateful for being blessed working with Tom. So similar to The Rocky movie …It’s about never ever giving up, no matter how hard your situation.

If I Can Change, YOU can Change………………..EVERYBODY CAN CHANGEEEE!!!! – Rocky Balboa

Here is the Fun, Fast and Fabulous menu from FebYOUary Gut Club for YOU made with the most important ingredient in any recipe - love. 

Big Love and bacteria, Xo,

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