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The Breadth and Depth of Timea

Today we are going to talk about the realm of Purgatory and I am going to give you a glimpse of this world and how it relates to my work in this ongoing segment of my newsletter called the Breadth and Depth of Timea.

In my work, Purgatory was built as a prison for the god of peace. He came to an even higher power before the great God War and begged for the higher power to take a hand and force peace, but this higher power ached to see the gods and goddesses fight, so to insure a war, he caged the god of peace.

Now this higher power is not proficient in creation, so all he was able to do was create a world. It had no features, no time, no sun, no moon, no resources. It was just a blank space where the god of peace could not escape or in any way affect the world beyond.

The god of peace has many symbols and patronages, and he has a sacred metal. That metal is silver.

So in Purgatory a certain kind of creature began to appear. These were lycanthropes. They began to come to Purgatory for two reasons. One, because they were creatures of rage being forced into an afterlife of peace, but also because there is no moon in Purgatory and they would not be under its sway.

So Purgatory began to fill up with werecreatures, and in this place they found the peace they had been seeking all their existence. They were in the domain of the god of peace, and they found a kind of paradise.

However, they could not build shelter for themselves or provide any kind of distraction. But wizards from Timea had begun to come to Purgatory. A very powerful spell called a wizard room became popular. This spell created a small pocket in the world of Purgatory that the wizards could use to study in, to hide things in, or to hide in themselves. Time passes very slowly against the outside world, and they are able to stay there without feeling hunger or fatigue. 

In the series The Manhunters, this is where Rayph Ivoryfist keeps his sword and his bow. It is where he hides his stone dog and eventually is used as a prison.

Wizard rooms became common for traders who bring trash and broken materials to trade to the lycanthropes. They are forced to build their houses out of refuse and buy it by trading their precious blood—the only currency these junk traders will accept. For the blood of a lycanthrope can be used in the world of Timea in many ways, none of them good. 

When the Escape occurs, it spells disaster for the entire world of Purgatory. Its political power collapses and rage runs through the blood of its citizens again.

But that is all I can say for now.

I Lead You Now Into Peril

The Madness Wars is coming and you can get it early! The preorder for Onslaught of Madness is live, and those who order it now can receive this exciting next chapter of my world the moment it comes out. 

Also for those of you who would like an ARC (advance reader copy) just get ahold of me. Read this epic war novel before its release date and leave a review with your thoughts and comments. I am always excited to hear what my readers think of the work I have done and the world I have created.

That Geeky Con

I'll be signing books in Harrison, AR, at That Geeky Con, July 19-20. If you're in the area, come see me! Visit the Facebook Event page for more details.  

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The Savage is the gift I give to any who sign up for my newsletter. If you haven't already, download it and enjoy. It picks up where Dead Girl left off, and is meant to be read after Legends of the Exiles. 

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