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Do you take notes in a hurry?
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Today's tech-letter isn't about a specific note app. Trust me, I have the note app for a future edition of this newsletter. But today, I specifically mean when you're in a hurry. Do you run to find a notebook? Do you whip out your phone and look for the notes app? Do you write stuff on your hand?

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Draft by Slite ๐Ÿ—’
Draft by Slide

Introducing Draft! Your very easily accessible notepad. Let me paint a quick picture for you. Have you ever hopped on a call and had to take notes ASAP? Somehow when you're on your phone, putting the call on speaker and finding the notes app takes way longer than it should.

Draft is a very convenient Google Chrome (or Brave) extension that allows you to have a ready-to-use notepad on every new tab. Here's what it looks like the when you open Draft.

    Using Draft on Google Chrome

    Using this is extremely straight forward. Every time you open a new tab, you can start editing this "draft". You don't have to press any button or select any option to enable this; as long as you have the Draft extension installed, every new tab will look the same.

    Editing this is simple. Your first line will always be your title, and text formatting (bold, italics..) is similar to what you're already used to with other text-editors (e.g. Word, Google Docs, Fluently). 

    Additionally, when you highlight text, you're given further options. These include adding lists (i.e. with the checkmarks, bullet points), adding hyperlinks (URLs), or even actually highlighting text. 

    So far, I've told you exactly what any ordinary notes app does (except... on your browser window). But there's more. Check out what happens when you enter a slash ( ) for additional options.

    Additional options on Draft

    This simple concept takes you way beyond simple note-taking. Don't get me wrong, if you just want a note-taking app, this works wonders, but if you're a power user, here's a gist of what all more you can do.

    You can add tables, embed YouTube videos, integrate databases from Airtable (which is a nicer version of Excel), connect to cloud apps like Google Drive and Google Maps, implement design tools like InVision and Figma, and so much more! 

    This was overwhelming to write, so I can't imagine what someone who hasn't heard of half of these tools must be feeling. Long story short: you can do a lot more than just write (if you wanted to).

    Lastly, let's talk about saving your progress.

    Personal dashboard for Draft

    You can't really save your notes unless you sign up. Mind you, using this as a note-taking app does not require you to sign up. This is only if you want to save your progress/notes.

    The sign up process is easy. Though Draft was made for quick note-taking, the company behind the product works really hard on team-work; which is why they give you the option to sign up with a company email ( so that other teammates can have access to this (again, this is not required). 

    Regardless of which email you sign up with, the screen above is what you'll get. A personal dashboard where you can see all the notes you've created, your last changes, and you're given the option to share x note with others.

    Once you sign up, the next time you open up a new tab to use Draft, it will show you the option to "Save to your private docs". 

    So to summarise: Draft is a Google Chrome or Brave extension that lets you open up a new tab and use it as a note-taking app (with a lot of added functionality). It's completely free to use, but you must sign up to save your notes. Enjoy!

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