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No-Code Coffee is back! β˜•οΈπŸŽ‰

After an unexpected leave I'm back to work, and wow what a different world it is from just a few weeks ago! There's so much to discuss and get caught up on in general, but especially in the world of no-code.

If you're not following the rapidly-expanding no-code scene on Twitter you're really missing out. It was amazing to watch the community come together a couple of months ago and build all types of products in response to the fallout from the pandemic, and now it's happening again.

I was getting back to work right when the Black Lives Matter protests began to spread across the country, and eventually the world. I posted a thread on Twitter and implored everyone to jump in and figure out a way to use their resources as a Maker to help make change, and many have stepped up in a big way! I'll share some of the highlights here and you can follow #MakeChange to get caught up on more.

To all of the new subscribers, welcome! To everyone else, thanks for sticking with me.

Let's get back to it!

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πŸ’Ž Twitter for No-Coders: The 28-day Blueprint for Building an Audience of Paying Customers

I'm excited to share this resource with you, from the one-and-only Jens Lennartsson. If you're not familiar with Jens, believe me when I say he is THE SOURCE for marketing tools and education for makers.

I found Jens when I first got into no-code, and I've bought every one of his products since then. His new eBook, Twitter for No-Coders, covers a vast amount of valuable topics, and offers clear, easy-to-follow examples of how to break through on Twitter and grow your audience fast. And if you've been reading my content for any length of time, you'll know how much I stress finding your audience (and problem) before you start building a solution.

Using Jens' tips, I've grown my Twitter following in an insanely short amount of time. Pick up the book and get started. Oh, and I recommend getting the workbook as well. It will give you a 28-day blueprint that you won't get anywhere else.

Twitter for No-Coders

⚑ Meet Webflow - Fighting Systemic Racism

Webflow is one of those tools that I normally wouldn't feature because likely 99.9% of anyone who's interested in no-code has heard of it. However I have to give them a special highlight today, as they have put their money where their mouth is when it comes to fighting for social justice.

First, Vlad, the founder of Webflow, pledged to match donations and ended up raising over $250,000 for social justice causes, amazing!

Now, Webflow is picking up the tab for any Maker who is building a website to fight systemic racism.

It's been amazing to see everyone in the no-code space getting involved, and there's no bigger example than what Webflow is doing.


πŸ‘‹ Meet Vanessa Raymond

Vanessa Raymond is the founder of Convene North, which she created to serve Alaskan and Northern communities in solving real-world problems by improving access to & understanding of web-based technologies, micro-computing, and more.

Last week I did a series of Cuppa meetings on the topic of protests, and Vanessa was one of the people I was lucky to be matched with. She's passionate about the no-code/maker space and is currently making the leap from Glide apps to Bubble. πŸš€

Make sure to follow her on Twitter and get to know her better.


πŸš€ Meet #MakeChange

#MakeChange is a site I built and launched last week after I appealed to the no-code community on Twitter with one simple mission:

You're a Maker... make change.

The time is now... you can each help fight racial discrimination by using your abilities, resources, and platform to help bring awareness and enable real solutions for lasting change.

On this site I'm gathering a directory of Makers that are willing to either lend their talents to those who are looking to build solutions, or you can offer your product/tool for the same purpose. You can also get a lot of great resources for how to better educate yourself on the issues of systemic racism and police brutality.

We've already had a great response and I can't wait to start pairing makers with those in need. I built this site using Carrd, Airtable and Mailerlite.

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I hope you enjoyed this!

I'll be back tomorrow with another set of introductions. If you're getting value out of this newsletter please consider buying me a coffee. β˜•

- Michael Gill


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