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Lucy's Personal Update:
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Greetings everyone! I don't have much interesting to update you on a personal front - this week I did a much-needed top-to-bottom "fall cleaning" on my place, and got to all the neglected chores that I've fallen behind on due to work and wedding planning. :)

One good reason to do an autumn deep-clean (instead or in addition to spring cleaning) is because we're currently in ragweed season and people are tracking pollen into and throughout the home. (Achoo!) It's never fun to wake up every day and ask myself, "Hmmm, is this hayfever or have I caught the dreaded bug?"

This week I have a new video for you, as well as an announcement on extended sizing, and the result of the Ebay poll from last week! Read on ahead...

~ Lucy

Changes to the "Plus Size Available" Tag

(Incidentally, none of the gorgeous models above are technically wearing a "plus size" corset - they're all wearing close to a size 34". Sizes 40" or above are considered "plus"!)

Several months ago, I was happy to announce that select styles and patterns in my shop would be available in plus sizes (Glamorous goes up to 40", TT up to 42", and the Artemis goes up to 44").

I previously listed these available corsets in the "plus size available" product tag in my shop.

However, I'm here to say that the "plus size available" tag is going to soon be retired... Because ALL of the corsets in my shop will now be able to be ordered in plus sizes!

I have graded all corsets (yes, including the Libra and Gemini) up to size 42", and with TT's made-to-order model, pretty much any corset can be purchased in plus sizes.

This is already implemented for all slim and hourglass styles. However if you would like to order the super curvy Gemini and Libra in a plus size, I would highly recommend getting a free sizing recommendation from me first... because for 99% of people, anything higher than 36" usually fits too BIG!

I'll be able to let you know what fits you best so you don't have to be inconvenienced with an exchange later on.

(And for the tiny-waisted tightlacers... the Artemis, Libra and Gemini corsets are all available in size 16" as well!)

See the (soon to be retired) plus size section here!
New Video this week:

Hourglass Overbust: The Full Review

Last week you got the breakdown of the measurements, this week you're getting the full review of how this was patterned and constructed! Not a detail left behind.

And if you're still confused about which size would fit you, send me your measurements and I'll let you know what fits you best.

Click here to watch!
Ebay corset page updated! Plus, Poll results from last week

Thank you to everyone who voted to keep the Ebay page up and running!

It seems I have my work cut out for me! I'm so glad that over 3/4 of you have found value in the Ebay finds page, and it's so rewarding to help some of you find bargain items (like a $300 Versatile piece for only $15, or a $120 Isabella Corsetry piece for only $33).

I'm looking forward to continue this for some time to come!

But one suggestion for you all: when you see something you like... BUY IT. Because once I start throwing traffic in the way of these sellers, some of them raise the price significantly. Case in point: the Isabella Batty Cincher above. A bunch of folks put it in their carts and added it to their Watch List, but didn't buy. The seller saw the popularity of their item and relisted it, raising the minimum price from $85 to $120!

Click to see all of Lucy's Ebay finds
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