How fast are you executing? This was one of the most important questions asked at SaaStock 2018 - the SaaS industry conference in Dublin. We talked about growth marketing, customer research, having better meetings and more:

My Top 10 Lessons from SaaStock 2018

The best advice there - stop spending time only reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and attending conferences. Spend time executing what you've learned. Does that sound good?


Here's what else caught my eye this past week:

Beardbrand Marketing: How to Turn $30 into $100,000 MRR
Beardbrand is a fun company with very well thought-out marketing. Here's a great case study showing the ins and outs of their strategy.

SaaS Data Planning: A Start-to-Finish Guide to Implementation
Not sure where to start when building your measurement plan? Then you can start with this piece by ConversionXL.

The 5 Types of Talk Triggers
Do you want to master word-of-mouth? The best guide for this type of marketing I've seen so far is this one built by Jay Baer and detailed out in his new book Talk Triggers.

There's No Such Thing as Motivation
Have you ever thought about how to boost your motivation? This post makes the curious point that you don't really need motivation to move forward - you just need to consistently show up.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: When To Use Each Ad Network
There isn't one true solution in advertising, so it's good to have more arrows in your quiver. Understand better what each network can bring you and when to use it.


Rock the rest of the week!

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