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Northeast, Midwest & the Great American Songbook

Channeling the power of creativity

Photo: Stephanie Decker


That felt like a long February. I hope you are keeping well and finding light. I have had to regularly discipline myself - more writing, more exercise, limited news and social media intake - to regain internal balance. It really does help to get out if possible and just talk with people in real time.

We tend to think everything needs to happen all at once, all problems need to be solved immediately. But when I meet with friends who are successfully doing social justice work day-in-day-out, I see them taking things one step at a time, doing the internal work to stay healthy in the face of seemingly insurmountable resistance. I’m talking about people who have faced down hate and violence, built coalitions, and somehow maintained the ability to smile, be optimistic. People with deep faith. They show me cracks in the intimidating structure of the world - enigmas, things we might not hear about if we're just watching the news - light breaking through. If you need to know more about that, check out Krista Tippett’s On Being, especially this episode, where Ezra Klein talks about the small but important victories of regular people doing hard work which often get glossed over in a news culture obsessed with extremes.

My personal balance comes from writing. Also, my secret membership in a semi-professional “Zumba” troupe. We meet Monday nights and shake our asses to Beyonce, Samba and Dancehall. Occasionally we do our thing at peoples’ birthday parties and local cultural events. It is MIND-BLOWINGLY LIBERATING to do something so far out of your comfort zone. (I think this is why people do improv.) One of these days I’ll share a video with y’all, when I’m brave enough.

There are three projects on my personal horizon this year: my next album, a duo album with Mike, and my Jazz Standards project with The Berlin Brothers.

Proud to say I have upcoming shows reflecting each of those groups of songs, which are listed below!

You can also get exclusive access to new songs in progress, rehearsal and performance tapes and even more of my undying love than you already have by joining me on Patreon.

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Tour Dates
3/7 - Belvidere, NJ - Folk on Foul Rift
3-20-20 -Blue Note, Durham, NC - Singing Great American Songbook Classics w. The Berlin Brothers

I have always loved the Great American Songbook and Jazz Classics. Back in the day when the writers wrote and the singers sang.  I am so excited to sing some of the tunes made famous by Ella Fitgerald, Frank Sinatra, even some mid-60’s hits by Dionne Warwick, Procul Harum and more, backed by the Berlin Brothers a Blue Note in Durham 3/20/20!  

This show will be the debut of a new project and kind of a big deal for me as a singer, to get onstage and just sing a whole set - no guitar, no "will they like my lyrics", just letting the voice embody the classic tunes I have always loved and longed to emulate.  

Here is a quick preview from a rehearsal gig we did a couple weeks back.  The audio's not perfect!  But we were having fun.

Will do our best to get a live recording of this show for everyone outside of NC!

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3/25/20 - Akron, OH - Rialto Theatre
All Tour Dates

3/6 Wilmington House Concert, Wilmington, DE - almost SOLD OUT, but might be a couple seats left - please email for reservations .  W/songwriter Todd Breck - solo show 

3/7 Folk on Foul Ridge, Belvidere, NJ - solo show

3/8 Sundays in Great Neck, Great Neck, NY - solo show

3/20 Jess Klein w/Berlin Brothers at Blue Note, Durham, NC

3/25 Rialto Theatre, Akron, OH - solo show

3/26 Fundraiser for Disaster Relief - All Proceeds to benefit Tornado victims in Tennessee - STREAMING INFO TBA Spring Lake Presbyterian Church, Spring Lake, MI - solo show

4/5 First Sunday Revue, Nash Street Tavern, Hillsborough, NC w/Mike & our band - 4-6 p.m. No Cover!

Little Clip from the First Sunday Revue One Year Anniversary!

The First Sunday Revue, our monthly show with Mike and our band here in Hillsborough, NC turned one this month!  We actually got the whole dang show on tape and audio - once I get ahold of it will look forward to sharing!  Here's a clip of "Riverview" - thanks to Tuck Satterfield for sharing it!

I love you!  1) Be good to your spirit.  2) Go out and bring your light to others.  3) Repeat.



Photo: Stephanie Decker

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