Leading a remote team? This one's for you!
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Making remote work

Have you ever Googled “managing a remote team”? There are 260 million results with lots of different ideas and advice. Which is best?

The fact is that leading a remote team looks different for each company depending on their culture and remote-work approach.   

At MailerLite, we believe managing remote teams is less about strict procedures and all about setting up each individual for success. When individuals thrive, the team as a whole is stronger.

Over the years we’ve learned and adapted to find ways to overcome the many challenges of managing a remote team. We're happy to share our experiences with you.

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Up next: MailerLite Staycation 2020

    It's a wrap! Last week we organized our first-ever virtual company retreat: MailerLite Staycation 2020. In the upcoming weeks, we'll share our experiences, learnings and most memorable moments. It was pretty epic, as you can see:

    12:44 PM - Apr 24, 2020

    Since we couldn't physically meet in Miami, we've organized our first-ever virtual company retreat called "MailerLite Staycation" this week. In the last 4 days, we laughed a ton, learned fun team facts during Pecha Kucha presentations, shared stories and learned new skills. We might be physically distancing, but that doesn't stop us from staying socially connected! #remotecompany #MailerLife #lovemyjob

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    Greetings from an exhausted dad / homeschool teacher,
    Have friends that love all-things remote? Share the joy!

    J. Basanavičiaus 15, Vilnius

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