Guyanese Online: Entries for 07 June 2020

GECOM: Elections Recount: PPP/C leads APNU+AFC by 14,317 votes

– GECOM to decide on 29 East Coast boxes with missing documents

 A table showing General Elections votes tabulated at the end of June 6, 2020. The Guyana Elections Commission has so far tabulated 2,236 or 95.6% of the General Statements of Recounts generated from the process.…

BThandeka Percival –  June 7, 2020 – Stabroek News            

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Life and Times During the Great Depression – 1929-1939

Guyanese Online: Editor’s Note: The world’s economies, led by the USA, may be on the verge of another Great Depression as in 1929-1939.  For this reason we are featuring this article. 

– By  Jeff Desjardins – Visual Capitalist 

During the Great Depression ...The economy of the United States was destroyed almost overnight. More than 5,000 banks collapsed, and there were 12 million people out of work in America as factories, banks, and other shops closed.

Many reasons have been supplied by the different economic camps for the cause of the Great Depression. Regardless of the causes, the combination of deflationary pressures and a collapsing economy created one of the most desperate and miserable eras of American history. The resulting aftermath was so bad, that almost every future Central Bank policy would be designed primarily to combat such deflation.... Continue reading →


On Anti-Blackness in the Indo-Caribbean Community – Cristine Khan | Medium

Cristine Khan | Medium

In light of all the current action happening around the heinous murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others, it is more pressing now than ever that all communities of color hold themselves accountable in supporting black communities.

We must all recognize and challenge anti-black sentiment rampant in immigrant communities.         

As a second-generation American who grew up in a largely Indo-Guyanese household, and as a current educator and researcher on migration and the Indo-Caribbean community, I want to share my perspective on anti-blackness in this community in hopes of creating more accountable, socially-conscious action to stand in solidarity and support black people in this moment and beyond.        Continue reading →


Video: The Green Heart Of Guyana – Iwokrama reserve: conservation research

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Video: The Green Heart Of Guyana – Iwokrama reserve: conservation research

A look into the conservation research that Operation Wallacea carries out in the Iwokrama reserve of Guyana. Guyana holds one of the largest intact tropical rainforests in the world and with Operation Wallacea, students like myself, can go to this remarkable place, to work with world renown scientists, indigenous people of the region and like minded people to try and protect this wonder. Find out more at:

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