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Thank you OTF!

As March draws to a close, we would like to acknowledge the important contributions of the Ontario Trillium foundation, who have supported the Coalition with a significant grow grant over the past three years.

The Coalition would like to thank the OTF for the immense support they have shown to our organization. This grant allowed us to reach hundreds of thousands of children and youth, and to engage with teachers, parents and community members as we advocate for music education in public schools. We were able to expand our signature programs, Music Monday and Youth4Music, work more efficiently by updating our office equipment, and develop important new initiatives like Ngamwag Shkinweg, the Ontario Youth4Music Action Advisory Team, and Women’s Empowerment Movement.

Thank you, Merci, Miigwech, kinana'skomitina'wa'w, from all of us at the Coalition.

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Welcome, Jennifer!

The Coalition is pleased to introduce you to our new team member, Jennifer Brown! Jennifer joined the Coalition team earlier this year as Research Assistant, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in statistical research for the arts, culture, and media industries.

Success in Life Posters are still available!

Looking to add a dose of inspiration to the walls of your classroom? Order a “Success in Music, Success in Life” poster! From music to medicine and athletes to astronauts, the poster is a snapshot of Canadian leaders whose lives have been enriched by music. Get yours here!

Music Monday News:

Anthem Recordings are now available!

The Coalition is pleased to announce that the 2019  Music Monday Anthem recordings are now available! Featuring Oscar Peterson’s iconic Hymn to Freedom in a new bilingual arrangement, performed with joy and reverence by some of the country’s most respected jazz musicians (Robi Botos, Jim Doxas and Dave Young) a trio of phenomenal youth instrumentalists (Ben MacDonald, Worrell McFarlane and Irene Harrett) and a beloved Canadian choir (the Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa, led by Jackie Hawley). Register your event now to access the video, audio and back tracks!

Music Monday Dollars!

Music Monday Dollars have now been awarded! Notices have gone out to over 300 schools, who will be receiving $250 for their Music Monday Celebrations! Last year, Music Monday Dollar recipients used their funds in a myriad of creative ways: bussing students to Regional Celebrations; bringing performers and speakers into their schools; hosting a day of musical activities; holding a concert of student performances for the community. We can’t wait to hear about how schools will celebrate the 15th annual Music Monday! If you requested Music Monday dollars before February 15th, and haven’t received an email, please contact

Youth4Music News:

Thank you, London!

Youth4Music kicked off March with a trip to London, Ontario for two fabulous events! On March 1 we had the chance to connect with local educators and get their perspectives on music education in London at our Wise Voices for Music meeting. On March 2 we spent the day hearing from local youth at our first ever Youth4Music event in London! We had lively, engaging discussions on what’s happening in London’s music scene, and learned about how our program can support young musicians in London.

This event featured live music from local singer-songwriters Sarina Haggarty and Ben Heffernan, and an inspiring keynote address from Western Music alumna Katy Clark. Katy, who is currently a Doctor of Musical Arts candidate at the University of Toronto and a member of the Canadian Opera Company Chorus, shared stories about growing up in London, opening her own voice studio, and founding an opera company “by accident.” A big thanks to everyone who joined us at these events and shared their stories and ideas!

NUFSICISUM Award Nominations

Last call to nominate your students for the 2019 NUFSICISUM Youth Leadership Award! This year’s winners will be announced via live webcast on May 6 during the nationwide Music Monday celebrations. There is still time to submit a nomination if you haven’t done so already, but don’t delay - the nomination period closes on March 31!

Community News:

Music Therapy Month

March is Music Therapy Awareness Month in Canada! The Coalition would like to acknowledge and highlight the work of Music Therapists, and share an insightful interview with Dan Bevan-Baker, MTA, who spoke to us about his experiences working and training in the field.

Name: Dan Bevan-Baker

Age: 25

City: Toronto, Ontario (current), Crapaud, PEI (hometown)

Training/Education: Bachelor of Music (Voice Performance Major, Psychology Minor) – McGill University; Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts in Music Therapy – Concordia University

What is music therapy?

As defined by the Canadian Association of Music Therapists, music therapy is a discipline in which credentialed professionals (MTA, Music Therapist Accredited) use music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development, health, and well-being. Music therapists use music safely and ethically to address human needs within cognitive, communicative, emotional, musical, physical, social, and spiritual domains.  

How long have you been a music therapist?

I have been an MTA since January 2017.

How did you decide to pursue a career in music therapy? 

In the second year of my undergraduate degree in music performance I started a minor in music education. This was a backup plan since a performance career can be a scary and risky endeavour! My first and last music education course was “Introduction to Music Therapy”, which opened my eyes to an entirely different way of using music in an intimate, therapeutic, person-oriented setting. It really resonated with me so I switched to a psychology minor in preparation for music therapy studies following my undergrad.

What does a typical work day look like?

Honestly, there isn’t really a typical day in the life of a music therapist, as we see such diverse people with equally diverse needs. I’m a traveling music therapist, so I use the TTC to get to sessions at all sorts of places in and around the city. One of my days looks like this: two group sessions in a school for neuro-diverse children, one group session at a day program for persons with physical disabilities, three one-on-one sessions downtown, and a group session downtown for persons with cognitive/physical challenges. The variety of people and places keeps the work exciting!

Sessions include interventions like singing, playing instruments, improvising, rhythmic activities, composing, songwriting, music and relaxation, music and movement, music and art, song lyric analysis, and music listening.

What challenges or barriers do patients have when it comes to accessing music therapy?

Music therapy isn’t covered by insurance companies, so many folks have difficulty accessing music therapy. In Canada music therapy is a self-regulated profession, but we are working to get the government to provide more standardized funding, which would make sessions more accessible.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Seeing a person experience change, growth, or other kinds of meaningful moments. This could look like someone tapping their foot to live music, someone who is non-verbal singing with a loved one, someone experiencing emotional release, or someone gaining insight. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see the many ways in which music therapy can benefit people. I also love being creative every day!

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MusiCounts TD Community Music Program!

MusiCounts is currently accepting applications for the 2019 MusiCounts TD Community Music Program!

The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program provides musical instruments and equipment to community centres, after-school programs and other community non-profit organizations, both new and existing. Applications will be accepted until April 18th, so don’t delay! Learn more about the program, and check out the digital toolkit here!

Thank you • Merci • Miigwech • kinana'skomitina'wa'w

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