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It's Dark, It's Delicious & It's Sinful

I don't know if you're reading this, but if you are, your wish just came true.

This first line is just for one specific person who has been asking again and again and again about which Chocolate do we use in Dohful.

And since all amount of polite, dodgy answers didn't work, I thought maybe today's Sunday Letter should be dedicated just to Chocolates!

Hi , welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter & this is the ghosts of our chocolates past!

Both Chaman & I started very differently with Chocolates. Where I was never a chocolate person, he could eat it all day every day.

In fact, if there is one story that I have heard umpteen times of his childhood days is how he won a big bar of chocolate in a bet against an elder cousin brother who wouldn't pay up! 

But Chaman is nothing if not persistent. He pestered the poor guy so much that he finally had to grant his wish of a 20 rupay wali chocolate.

Me, I was exactly the opposite. If you ask my mom, she'd tell you how I would choose a pack of Lays' over a Chocolate on any given day. 

But my young brother was exactly as crazy about Chocolates as Chaman is so I can imagine how his childhood must have been!

When Chaman & I met, I was more than willing to try the darker versions of chocolate since I had no particular affinity towards the Dairy Milks and Five Stars of the world.

On the other hand, Chaman would buy the biggest Cadbury Silk he could lay his hands on and eat it in one go if someone let him! Which of course, no one did. And by no one I mean me!

So like a bar of bitter-sweet chocolate, we made way for both dark and intense, & sweet and milky chocolates in our lives.

And like the chocolate is the most important part of a cookie right? At least to us, it is, so we decided to actually go and understand more about Chocolate from someone who knew about it way more than we did at the time.

And for that, we landed in Auroville, Pondicherry in the factory of Mason & Co, an artisanal chocolate brand.

There we were, bursting with questions about how those yummy bars of chocolates are made and for the first time, I actually realized how Charlie must have felt in that Chocolate Factory.

Though we couldn't meet the founders, we did meet the team there who was more than helpful in answering our questions about Chocolate, how we can use it, if we have to treat it before putting, the best way of cooking a chocolate, and plethora of more questions that they patiently answered.

And the one thing, I will never forget is the trip is a Hot Chocolate Tea...yes that's a thing that they served to us. It's made of the empty roasted cacao nibs which are usually thrown away in the chocolate-making process.

But if you put them in boiling water, it becomes kind of a Hot Chocolate Tea which is amazing to smell and just a delight to drink.

If you ask me, I still have a long way before I can tell you the undertones and notes in a good chocolate but I feel we have been able to do justice to our cookies with the chocolates that we use.

And so, finally answering the burning question we have been facing for the past three days - we use the best possible combination of chocolates in Dohful cookies. Our cookies are dark, deep & chocolatey in flavor which is intense but not bitter.

That's exactly how we wanted Dohful cookies when we first imagined them!

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