Young love turns to heartbreak when college rips them apart. But she's been left with a reminder of how tender that love really was... a secret she kept for so long. Come with Me is a deliciously naughty secret baby, second chance romance that will melt more than just your heart.

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Come with Me

Walk into your office to meet your new boss (you already hate him because he’s been hired for a position YOU deserved), and guess what?

He turns out to be your ex!

No…get yourself together girl, you don’t need an office romance to complicate your already complicated life!

And certainly not with the man who broke your heart five years ago.

I am trying hard to fight my heart, it still does a somersault in my chest.

And suddenly, ‘boss’ begins to feel too formal.

The intensity of his eyes makes me want to squirm,

Not in a scary way, but in a god-I-need-you-to-touch-me way.

Being with him feels so right.

And his playing with my four year old feels just perfect.  

I should be the happiest woman alive.

Wasn’t this how I wanted it to be? How it was supposed to be?

The problem?

Well, let’s say that he’s been so completely honest and open with me and I?

I’ve acted like the biggest jerk, keeping the biggest secret of my life.

A secret that would probably rock his world, hopefully for the better.

But would he be able to forgive me and take a chance with me once again?

Or would this ruin my so perfect happily ever after?


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