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march 2020
Report of activities at Salon58

Dear Salon58 public,

Since we are going through (together, but distanciated) the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19, we have to postpone Kijâtai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo and Frédéric Boivin's creation residency as well as the public presentation that was planned at the end of the residency on April 25th. 

Their presence at Salon58 will be postponed to the end of fall 2020, and the public presentation will be held on November 28th. We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to keep you posted with modifications to planned activities. 

Take good care of yourselves,

- Priscilla Guy and Benoit Paradis
Artistic Directors of Salon58

Adoption of a policy against harassment

Mandoline Hybride has recently adopted a policy to prevent psychological or sexual harassment at work, affirming its commitment to act against any situation of harassment in the workplace. It is an adaptation of the model offered by the CNESST (French only). We share this in hopes of inspiring other organizations to adopt such a policy.

Partnership with Corpuscule Danse

Mandoline Hybride is proud to announce a brand new partnership with the integrated dance company Corpuscule Danse. By pooling a full-time, salaried staff, the two organizations are giving themselves the means to stabilize their management, while offering a rewarding work experience to the person hired. It's an alternative to the precarity of freelance work, of which Mandoline Hybride is proud to offer.

Founded in 2000 by France Geoffroy, Martine Lusignan and Isaac Savoie, Corpuscule Danse helps to promote the social integration of persons with disabilities, by developing the presence of integrated dance within the cultural landscape.

Mandoline Hybride would like to thank its partners :

and also the Comité de développement de Marsoui (CDM), the Comité des Loisirs de Marsoui and the Café du Parc.

Based in Gaspésie, Mandoline Hybride supports the production and dissemination of artistic initiatives targeting different communities, in addition to producing the creations of its director and founder Priscilla Guy. Find out more :

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Mandoline Hybride

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