It's afternoon here and I'm in the middle of the energy slump. I have a recipe to beat it - I prepare a nice cup of coffee and allow myself to read a couple of articles. When you know how your energy levels change during the day, you can work with them rather than against them. Try it out now and read some other productivity methods I use:

The Personal Productivity Methods I Love

What are your ways of staying productive? Drop me an email and let me know!


Here's what else caught my eye this past week:

How Intent Is Redefining the Marketing Funnel
The marketing funnel is not a funnel anymore. It's a winding map of micromoments and touchpoints that make our work ever more difficult. Learn how to wrap your head around it with this piece from Google.

Google Data Studio and an Actionable Search Console Report
Here's a great example of the versatility and usefulness of Data Studio. With it, you can create a great Search Console report that tracks your SEO performance and opportunities for organic growth.

Master Time Management in 10 Minutes a Day
This great process, inspired by Nir Eyal, will help you reduce stress and get more done. The secret? Make work intentional and put it in your calendar.

How to Create Content that Gets Links
A great example of linkbait content creation - how to choose what content to create, how to create it and how to distribute it.

7 Ways to Retain More of Every Book You Read
Since I'm a person with a really long Goodreads "To Read" list, I highly appreciate this article. You'll learn some great strategies on reading more and retaining more from everything you read.


Rock the end of the week!

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