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Poland (my fatherland) is becoming a developed country!

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Algebra Of Happiness (must watch):

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How to make a hit?


Do we like what we already know (with a twist)?

Does viral effect really exist?

What are the secrets behind “50 Shades of Grey” and “Mona Lisa”?


Read about that and much more in “Hit Makers” by Derek Thompson. 

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Thanks for a personal recommendation on Goodreads, Mac Filipkowski! You nailed it!




Many people, who enjoy my free content (this bulletin and Greg Albrecht Podcast), ask me about my revenue streams.


I advise to C-level execs on business transformation, work as a mentor with business owners and speak at corporate offsite meetings and industry events.


For example, next week I will be the keynote speaker at an international startup competition gala in Prague. 


If you want to support my work on free content, share the following information about my workshops and speeches with your friends.  

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This is ABC #36! Who has been with me from A.B.C. #1?





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