Summer Beach Reads and the RWAus conference!

Caitlyn Lynch, Author

Looking for something good to read on the beach?

Or maybe just something to take you away from it all - well, look no further! These authors have come together to bring you some amazing summer reads. The promo officially runs August 21-28 but I'm bringing you special early access!

Summer Heat is included, of course - what better to read on the beach in between cocktails? Don't forget that it's FREE in KU! 17 sexy stories sweeping you away from exotic locations like Hawaii, Greece, Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean!

If you've already read and enjoyed Summer Heat, please do take a moment to leave us a review - it means the world to us authors to hear from you!

Light Beach Reads

From award-winning erotica author Kitty Kendall come the first three stories in the Rise Of Memphis chronicles, bundled together for just 99 cents!

Jane’s a heart broken country girl with a passion for long beach walks, collecting foxy stilettos and eating packets of corn chips in one sitting. Her management job at a beach side hotel leaves no time for love and she hasn’t had sex in so long she’s practically a virgin again.

Until New Year’s Eve, when everyone in the world is partying except her and the first boy she ever kissed enters her hotel. But he’s no longer a boy, George has grown into a man with abs she’d like to lick. Jane's obsessed, possessed. . . and unable to resist, she does the unthinkable. To avoid recognition, she dresses in a sexy disguise, names herself Memphis and goes to George’s room uninvited. 

It’s exciting. And it shows Jane a side to herself that she never knew existed. But how long can she hide behind her naughty little secret?

Follow Jane's quest to find love, in this steamy, laugh-out-loud series.

Rise of Memphis: Touch Me

Or how about a FREEBIE from Marissa Farrar? Skewed, the first book in her Mercenary series, is now free in all stores!

I'm wanted dead by the most powerful mobster in the country. Trouble is, he's also my father.

My name is Verity Guerra and I'm the daughter of the most ruthless mafia man in New York. Now in Witness Protection, I only care about my younger sister, and living long enough to testify against the man who has forced us to run. I knew he'd send someone after me, but I didn't bank on a hit man known only as X, with cheekbones sharp enough to grate Italian cheese on and muscles that won't quit. 

I had saved her life, but I had also been paid to make sure she turned up dead.

People know me as X, and killing isn't just my job--it's in my blood. But the moment I saw a picture of the mobster's daughter, I was already hooked. With her silky dark hair, tattoos, and a mouth that looked designed for kissing, I couldn't get her out of his head. But when I'm sent to take her down, I discover she's more of an adversary than I'd bargained for. 

Skewed (universal link)

Romance Writers Australia conference news!

I spent last weekend at the Romance Writers Australia conference in Brisbane and oh. Wow. I learned so many new things my head is exploding. I met amazing authors like Clare Connelly, Anne Gracie, Valerie Parv, Marion Lennox and most especially Kate Forsyth, who absolutely blew me away with a writing workshop that I know will help me improve my writing going forward.

I also got to pitch a new romantic suspense novel, Ranger's Rescue, to some publishers, and to my utter delight both Entangled Publishing and Escape Publishing asked for the full manuscript! I might even have a publisher for the Island Escapes series of novellas (which started with Finding Cory in Tropical Tryst) since Clan Destine Press expressed interest!

I couldn't have asked for any more from my first RWAus conference, especially since I managed to get myself on Australian national television talking about Summer Heat! Well worth getting up at 5 am and priceless publicity!

Book Review of the Week

It's been a while since I've brought you a Book Review of the Week, but seriously, I can't NOT recommend this book. It was fabulous in every possible way, even if cowboys and rodeos aren't your normal comfort zone.

(If you love horses, it's an absolute tearjerker).

Read my full review HERE!

I genuinely think this is the best book I've read this year. It certainly has my absolute favourite heroine, and a wonderful hero who needs All The Good Things.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful week, whatever you're reading!

Caitlyn Lynch

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