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Edition 38 - April 2018

Welcome to our April edition of 'Praise News'.

We celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd!  The Earth Day events are one of our favourite times at Children of the Light (CotL).  With that said, we take our hats off to two great women, Professor Wangari Maathai and Dr. Jane Goodall, who share the same concerns for caring for the environment.

Prof. Wangari, - "It is the little things that citizens do that will make a difference.  My little thing is planting trees".

Dr. Goodall, - “Every single individual matters, every single individual makes some impact on the planet every single day, and we have a choice as to what kind of difference we’re going to make.”

Think about it!

Black History Month

As CotL takes a break in January, we start back in February with the month themed 'Black History Month'. The children learned about the bravery and courage of Harriet Tubman and Ruby Bridges. They each prepared a project and presented to the group. 

Ghana Day

March 6th in Ghana marks Ghana's Independence Day. Every year at CotL we celebrate with a special Ghana Day program prior to this National event. The children presented colourful group projects on Ghana and enjoyed a special local meal together.


World Water Day is another highlight in March, and was celebrated on March 22nd. Our theme for the event was keeping our water bodies clean and the importance of separating our rubbish. Prior to this day, beautiful blue projects were prepared. On the day, the children and staff worked together and picked trash down by the stream. After, this a local meal of kenkey (cooked corn dough) and fried fish was served. As kenkey is sold in corn husks and then put in a polythene bag, the correct way of disposing the waste was shown to the children. We have a compost area at the centre, and the children are continually reminded of how to correctly dispose of their waste.

A new beginning!

As Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth, the children enjoyed Easter Saturday preparing beautiful Easter art to take home. The past Easter Saturday, marked the beginning of a Saturday feeding program for CotL. With the move to the centre back in May 2017, the Saturday program became a full-day event and the children were encouraged to come a long with their lunch. The problem we encountered was that not all came along with food, and those who did shared. The only way to solve the problem was to feed all the children, and this we do. Every Saturday at CotL, food is cooked by staff member, Lamise Akunduo, and a delicious nutritious meal is served to all the children. It is a joy to see the children enjoying a meal together. We were graciously given our first donation of a bag of rice toward this project from an anonymous donor. Thank you! With many children to feed, we are calling out for donations in cash or in kind towards this project.

Mathematics Competition!

As all these special activities take place, we don’t stop our regular teaching of mathematics, reading and writing. Every year at CotL competitions take place. Recently, on April 14th, we had our mathematics competition. It was an extremely competitive time for the children; with the weekly math drills we have been giving to the children, we now have children able to complete 50 multiplication sums in less than 2 minutes. It really does prove a point, ‘practice pays off’. Special thanks to Chantal, Fien and Nito, for the wonderful gift of school and art supplies from Holland. It came at a perfect time as we used this gift for prizes at the event. Thank you also to Extra Mile, West Africa, TOP CHOCO and H&H Company Ltd. for their on-going support of delicious chocolate treats and biscuits for the children.

Message from the founder,

The above photo is what can happen at CotL when you listen to one child read.  We welcome volunteers! 

As you have seen it has been an exceptionally busy and exciting time for us all at CotL. When children commit to our program they do incredibly well.  We currently have one of our past committed students in a secondary school receiving the highest grade in all Mathematics and Science subjects for second year students.  When this boy started attending our program, he was not able to read.  Through intensive educational support form one of our CotL teachers and a volunteer he improved rapidly.  He is the youngest in his family and the first of his siblings to attend Secondary School.  It is his desire to become a doctor. 

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have started a child sponsorship program.  The aim of this is to help children with their learning materials and fees in the school they attend plus provide extra tutoring at the centre.  I wish to personally thank all those who have come on board and sponsored a child; through their support we are now supporting 13 children through this program.  If you are interested to sponsor a child, kindly contact me for more information at   

On another note, my recent trip to NZ went well.  On Monday, 9th April 2018, we received an email from our contact at IRD to advise that ‘Cabinet have agreed to grant Children of the Light overseas donee status with effect from 1 April 2018.’ As we are a New Zealand charity whose purpose is mainly overseas, we wanted to get overseas donee status so that NZ taxpayers who make cash donations to Children of the Light can get a tax credit on their donations. Thank you to all who worked towards making this possible. 

On a final note, I wish to thank all in NZ who gave donations to us during my time at home.  Thank you to the Rotary Club Mt Roskill, Rotary Club One Tree Hill/Onehunga, The Hosanna Trust, Hazel Dick Trust, Lynfield Community Church, Westpac ‘Grub Hub’ Community Kitchen, and all individuals for their generous support.  May God richly bless you all.  I also take this opportunity to thank Takaful Mutual, Ghana, for their recent donation and special thanks to FIRST LOVE FOUNDATION, USA, for their continual support. 

Many blessings,

Jeanette Brown Opoku     

Ways to donate:
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Givealittle fundraising page


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