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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! Wow, what a great response to last week's sale. Thank you to everyone who helped us do some spring cleaning and clear out these corsets!

I'm still burning the midnight oil, deep in my current project - finalizing the details of the Gemini longline corset! If you want to learn more about this project, I've written some updates on my Patreon at the $5+ mark, chronicling all the little things one needs to consider when developing a new corset line.

But it will be another 3-4 weeks before that's launched, so if you need something to tide you over, here are the only corsets that are left over from last week's sale:

An "at cost" sale? Yes, really.
Shop by your corset size here

The price you see here is the absolute lowest I can go without going into debt. I'm breaking even on these. They are literally at cost.

And if they don't sell in the next week or so, I'm probably taking them off my site. And I'll finally stop bugging you about it.

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Black Satin Underbust, $55

Standard length underbust, one in each size 20", 32", and 34"

Beige Satin Underbust, $55

Standard length underbust, size 32" only

Teal Satin Underbust, $55

Standard length underbust, size 18" only

Mesh Longline, $59

Longline underbust, size 20" only

Matte Black Longline, $55

Longline underbust, size 20" only

Frosted Wisteria Longline (overstock), $72

Longline underbust, size 18" only

Black Satin Longline, $55

Longline underbust, size 20" only

Vollers Passion 1915 Cincher, $64

Just found buried in my supplier's inventory!
Gentle reduction cincher, pink satin (the white one shown here) size 36" only

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