I hope this new year finds you healthy and hopeful.

As much as I try to remind myself how lucky we are (having food, shelter, and our health), there are some days when it’s a real struggle. Arizona currently holds the dubious reputation of being the top coronavirus hot spot in the country (if not the world). Because of this, we’ve made the difficult decision to continue sheltering at home and virtual schooling to protect our high-risk family members. 😢

One thing keeping me sane (after being stuck at home 24-7 with four young children for so long) has been writing. I’ve been making some headway on Claiming Her Beasts Book Two which you can preorder now. Book two will follow Lee and her sexy beasts in the aftermath of the apocalypse (it’s going to be explosive and steamy 🔥). I also have plans to release books three and four in the series this year.

Another thing keeping me sane is my wonderful reader group on facebook (Dia's Hellraisers). If you haven’t checked the group out, you should! We have fun discussions and weekly giveaways.  

Speaking of giveaways, I’ve tracked down some fabulous book deals, giveaways, and freebies (see below).

Take good care,


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Just released Paranormal Romance!

Fall Semester

Fall Semester is the second book in JJ King’s new university set fated-mates shifter series. It’s a full-length paranormal romance you won’t want to miss about three swoon-worthy shifters and the feisty pink haired heroine caught between them. No choosing required. 

New Release PNR Rom-Com!


If you like sassy witches, wonky magic, panty-melting fated mates, and intriguing mysteries, you'll love this steamy, laugh-out-loud paranormal romantic comedy with all the feels! Wynter is a standalone in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. 

New Fantasy Romance!

Shifting Tides

My people are dying and it’s up to me to retrieve that which was stolen from us by the surface dwellers.
I will retake the trident and restore my people to their former glory. I just hope that a certain set of sexy as sin triplets don’t get in my way…If they do, I’m not sure I’ll have the strength to pull away from them.

New Release Paranormal Romance!

Nowhere to Run

I’m a one woman wrecking crew until I run into them—the tempting feral werewolf and dangerously sexy vampire— who are more than happy to join me on my venture. With their help, I’ll scratch every name off my list. But as the darkness begins to overtake me with every kill, my men start to worry that I’ll lose myself in it. I need my revenge, but am I willing to continue losing pieces of my soul with every kill...

Paranormal Romance!

Chosen by Darkness

Brought to The Fort and forced to train so I can protect the four impossibly handsome vampire royalty who say they want only me. You might think I’d be furious. Expected to sacrifice my life for theirs…

I’m not.

I belong in this world, and I’ll give up everything to protect it from our enemies.

Sexy PNR Romance!


I’m not about to write my life off to be the mate to some egotistical, self-centered asshat. But when my best friend tries to help and cheer me up, things go from shit to complete crazy when we hit a shifter on the road. Things keep spiraling out of control, and I find myself crazily attracted to three unexpected men. I’d never have thought I’d feel this way for any of them, but here we are. What the hell is going on?

Fantasy Romance!

A Token's Worth

Dark, brutal, and punishing - this is the world Dell was brought up in. Nothing more than a Lesser Fae female, owned by a master who sells her body to the highest bidder and takes what’s left for himself. She’s been through it all. She’s witnessed it all. She’s survived it all … so far. Dell unwittingly binds herself to the Sun Gods - four primal, territorial High Fae males who have a taste for power, pain, and pleasure.

Paranormal Prison Pre-order!

Freedom of the Fae

Daddy dearest or should I say the new warden of Pembroke Penitentiary is determined to make me the new Gilchrest family sacrifice. With Blackwater down for the count, the entire prison on lock down, AND no food coming inside, all of Pembroke has been turned upside down as we are forced to fight it out for even our basic needs.

Claiming Her Beasts Book Two

Live by his rules or die by them…

The city fell. Help never came. Now our lives depend on playing by Dominic’s punishing rules. But the icy-cold sergeant’s brutal tactics and questionable motives make him just as dangerous as the monsters outside.

Even worse, my visceral attraction to Dominic and a deadly shifter is pushing Reed further into insanity. His bouts of amnesia and animalistic rages may force me to make a soul-shattering choice—love or survival?