Howdy, all.

I'm writing this on Independence Day, one that has little of the usual stuff, and plenty of the atypical.

It will be interesting to see what changes stick around and which ones are fleeting.

Let us hope the rough road behind and ahead of us leads to better days for all, not just some.

July Recommendations

The Dispatcher by John Scalzi:

This is a very intriguing high concept short story read by Zachary Quinto on Audible. 

Anyone who dies through violence, disease, or accident, disappears and "respawns" naked in their bedroom.  People only have a 1 in 1000 chance of actually dying permanently.  The main character is someone who "dispatches" patients when risky surgical procedures or other high risk events go wrong in order to save them.

Intrigue ensues from there.  Good stuff.

Westworld Season 3:

They had me at Aaron Paul.

I liked this season much more that season 2.  They gave up on trying to be cute with non-linear chronology.  It still had plenty of twists.

And again, Aaron Paul's character was a nice addition of a human who is actually likeable

Players of the Game Series Updates

The New Players: Origins bonus content anthology is nearly completed.

Following that, I'll be re-releasing Repenter and Brigands with their new covers sometime in next few months.  The main New Players third book in the series will follow sometime after that.

Here is the new Brigands cover without the logo.  I love Avril and Nirva's redesigns. 

To use some dated lingo:

It looks rad!

Be smart. Stay safe.


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