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Hey! My name's Okezue

It's pronounced "Okay-zoo-way" if you were wondering. Anyway, it's super nice to meet you! I'm super excited to get to know you and take on the amazing journey of life with you. My letters won't just be focused on school or life, but also really interesting mindsets, teasers, and intellectual topics. I'm really into things like automation and societal as well as structural impact! I really hope that I can teach you something, and vice versa.

So here are a couple of interesting things about me that I thought I could share! 

1.  I'm super into technology

Things like artificial intelligence, biocomputing, quantum computing, and cellular agriculture really interest me. My three main areas of application, and the problems I want to solve mainly revolve around climate change, manufacturing, and healthcare. These areas may seem totally unrelated, but trust me, you can find unity in everything! Subjects like architecture using computational devices, scaffolding, genomic data, blockchain data storage, DNA data storage, material simulations, quantum annealing, and producing milk from cells is just what I find to be super awesome! I mean honestly, if you could take a single speck of yeast and make it into a whole glass of milk without contributing to global warming, wouldn't you do it? Because I know I would. I've done quite a few different projects, but I've found my passions to really lie in those three areas/industries!

2.  I really like to talk

I would definitely say that one of my best skills is communication. I'm very invested in programs like speech and debate as well as oratory competitions and things like Model UN and DECA, all of which require you to be a comprehensive speaker and a good communicator. I believe I'm pretty good at refraining from the filler words, and I really like engaging with others and talking about different topics. This doesn't have to be anything nerdy, it could be anything from a normal chat about Avatar the Last Airbender or Us, the latest tennis game, or Among Us the psychoanalysis of a character in the Great Gatsby to a [possibly] Ph.D. level chat on using electronic Hamiltonians to simulate the ground state energy of a molecule using quantum computing, and how VQE algorithms can have implications outside of material chemistry. Overall, I personally value your truths, understanding, and opinions over how smart or cool you sound. In fact, you sound smart and cool to me when you're honest. 

3. Love Content Creation

My ultimate goal is to create the future, but I have to do that one step at a time. I can't just start there; it's going to be a much more difficult, challenging, but fun and interesting path. However, even with that facet, I want to grow myself using others to catalyze that process and experience it with me. For me, that means connecting with others through high-quality information. This isn't just winning awards, and talking to industry leaders, and getting recognition. Though those things are nice, they really just create only superficial relationships. In order to take that to the next level, that's creating articles, learning new things, taking risks, and forging a path. And yes, it also may mean internships and amazing opportunities, but by having everything else, you will be grateful, and receive more impactful results! 

On that note, see you later! If you want to contact me or talk about anything, make sure to contact me! Also, please do check out my links below!

- Okezue

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Okezue Bell

Thank you so much

for wanting to know me!

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