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Ball Kickin' Dickles. My one and only contribution to the world of good food. These are essentially bread & butter pickles with some kick. My hubs, who despises spicy food, can’t get enough of the lil’ wonders. When the time comes, your man will fight like crazy to open the jar.

Every good recipe has a story, and my Dickles are no exception. The original recipe came from my mother. Some of you might not be surprised to learn she went by the name of Poochie <3. Poochie’s version called for red chili peppers (for color). I couldn't find the darned things, but the orange habaneros looked pretty.

Habanero hint: Wear rubber gloves while chopping. Oh, and if you omit gloves, DO NOT use the restroom right after you cut up the little fireballs. They seek revenge!

After experiencing the blazing heat of the habaneros (it’s a slow burn), I panicked--among other things--but it was too late. The huge pot of pickles was cooking on the stove. I tested for flavor, and they didn’t give my tongue a chemical peel—in fact, they were darn good. So I removed the orange slices and packed the cukes into Ball jars. 

The pickles were a ginormous hit at home, so I dubbed them Kickin' Pickles. And the next day, I set out a jar at work. Shortly after, a gaggle of women stood around the pickles roaring with laughter. 

Turns out, my "P" looked a lot like a "D", and they’d added the "Ball" logo to the name.  Ball Kickin’ Dickles were born.  



Whispers in Colorado, Colorado Crazy Book II, is a ranch romance guaranteed to tease your senses and make you dream of cowboys again.

Will Jasmine find love on the Double T, or will she be returning to her life in New York?

When Jasmine Tate returned to the Double T she didn’t expect to stay for long. But with the demons of her past now firmly in her past, suddenly the Double T and White Horse Creek has it’s own appeal. But Jasmine has a built a life in New York, she’s a fashion designer, not a hillbilly.

But all that changes when she meets Jack Turner. The country vet is nothing like the men she’s used to dating. He’s dark and broody and has shadows that haunt his hazel eyes. Something about him makes Jasmine afraid, afraid that she’ll lose her heart in Colorado.

Jack doesn’t want to fall in love. She’s cold and has a reputation for hating their country way of living. But when Jack looks deep enough he sees the real Jasmine, the Jasmine she hides from the world. Jack’s first wife was city, he promised himself he wouldn’t make the same mistake again, but with Jasmine it’s hard to remember why.

Will Jasmine be able to ignore the broody vet forever? Can Jack allow himself to fall in love again? Whispers in Colorado is a ranch romance guaranteed to tease your senses and make you dream of cowboys again. Hit the one-click button now to get your copy.

Will this ice queen drop her armor of frost long enough to let in the handsome vet? 

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Book 3 – Midnights in Colorado will be released soon. Will Lisa find love or heartache when she puts herself out there again?

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About the Author

Milan Watson is a fresh new voice in contemporary romance. Her stories are fun-loving, imaginative and humorous whilst at the same time touching day to day challenges all women face.

She is the mother of two little boys and wife to a supportive husband, who doesn't mind doing the dishes when she finds herself lost in a story. She spends most of her days dreaming up new characters and bringing stories to life, surrounded by her family and her two dogs Wendy and Duke. She loves creating characters you can identify with and writing stories that will have you laugh, cry and smile at the same time.

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With stories by...
Missy De Graff
USA Today bestselling author Danny Bell
Bella Andrews
Ashlee Nicole Bye
Emma Jane Holloway
Candace Sams
Melinda Kucsera
Jennifer Ellision
Mirren Hogan
USA Today bestselling author Suzanne Jenkins
Brantwijn Serrah
USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam
C.L. Cannon
S.A. McClure
Karen M. Bryson & Candace Segar
Rae Hendricks & Lianne Willowmoon
Lee French
Tamsin Baker
Joynell Schultz
Tracy Korn
Shannon Pemrick
Suzanne Hagelin
Nadine Travers
Cecilia Dominic
Bill Hargenrader


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