Blaming other people for your problems is a waste of time.

Even if the other person is at fault, how does that help you? 

It might make you feel a bit better, but that's about it.

Imagine you're out driving one day and you're heading to the store to pick something up. 

You're obeying all the traffic signs and doing the right thing. 

Then, out of nowhere, somebody rear-ends you and you end up with 2 broken legs. 

One could argue that you were completely innocent.

But you still have to deal with those 2 broken legs.

It doesn't matter how much the other person may have been in the wrong. 

You must take responsibility for what happened to you. 

Even at that extreme, you must blame yourself. 

After all, it was you who decided to go out driving in the first place. 

If you would've stayed home, then you wouldn't have gotten rear-ended. 

By taking responsibility for everything that happens, you put yourself in a position to create real change in your life. 

Instead of being a victim, you become a victor instead. 

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Jacob Laguerre

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