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    • Recognizing Phillip Washington and Marcus E. Childs


Happy Black History Month Region 2,

The truth is we don't need to limit celebrating our history to the month of February. If we do, we risk letting others control our narrative using a voice unfamiliar with who we are. Case in point, recently we saw a major network reveal the pale-skinned "true likeness" of an Egyptian queen. Contrast this with the excitement of the unveiling of the official Obama portraits painted by black artists with their own stories. The difference in outcomes was stark. We, as NSBE members, need to take charge of creating black history in what we do every day.

This actually reminds me of my chance encounter while volunteering at the HBCU festival during the DC Roadshow. I met a mother who had taken it upon herself, with the help of others, to build a local homeschooling community for those of the African-diaspora. However we choose to educate the next generation, we must be prudent about ensuring they're being inspired by stories of people that resonate with them. This is yet another critical role that NSBE can play via efforts such as the #BlackSTEMLikeMe campaign.

Having said that, I'm sure many of you will have already purchased your tickets to see Black Panther. This is a perfect example of the power of owning our stories. This is true both as we think about Wakanda as a place untouched by colonialism as well as the economic-power already demonstrated by record-breaking pre-sales. It will undoubtedly be an event which outstrips the compelling story told on-screen.

As you finish this month and get ever closer to Annual Convention, I encourage you to find new ways to increase the awareness of what you consider Black excellence. Bring that energy and those stories with you to Pittsburgh. If you see me there, feel free to stop me and share your story. 

With NSBE Love,

Sheldon Gay - Region 2 Professionals Chairperson



Love NSBE? Interested in shaping the direction of the society? Do you believe in Region II as the model region? The Region II Professionals Executive Board is for you! National Convention is coming. If you are interested in applying for a position on the Region II board please contact Apply here.

Positions Available:

  • Chairperson-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Programs Chairperson
  • Talent Development Chairperson
  • Telecommunications Chairperson
  • Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Chairperson
  • College Initiative (CI) Chairperson
  • Try Math-A-Lon (TMAL) Chairperson
  • Publications Chairperson
  • Entrepreneurship Chairperson
  • Finance Chairperson
  • Membership Chairperson
  • Parliamentarian


Region 2 Chapter Executive Board Members:
A reminder all nominations for the NSBE Region 2 Professionals Member of the Year Award are due NLT: February 23rd, 2018

This award recognizes the exceptional accomplishments and contributions of a Region II Professional member towards fulfilling the NSBE Mission. This individual has made outstanding contributions to their Chapter, Region and NSBE overall in the areas of leadership, excellence by example, service, and advancement of NSBE programs and the NSBE mission. Their contributions have significantly impacted their chapter and the region.

Any NSBE Member can nominate another NSBE member for this award however the preference is to have chapter CEB members submit nominations.

Award winners will be announced at the National Convention at the Technical Professionals Conference.


Support your local zone summit of Feburary 17th!

Danger Zone: Temple University
End Zone: Robert Morris University
Terror Zone: Howard University
O Zone: Old Dominion University
Comfort Zone: University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC)


LeadingGreen is hosting workshops to prepare you and your colleagues for changes in the new version 4 of LEED and offer CE/CMP hours. Please see the cities below:


When: February 16th 2018 – 2:00PM to 6:00 PM

Where: University of Delaware – DuPont Hall – Room 302




When: February 17th 2018 – 1:00PM to 5:00 PM

Where: University of Pennsylvania – Levine - Room 307



Penn State

When: March 24th 2018 – 1:00PM to 5:00 PM

Where:  Penn State – Days Inn – Room TBA




When: March 26th 2018 – 6:00PM to 10:00 PM

Where:  Carnegie Mellon University – Doherty Hall  - Room 1211



Professional Member - Phillip Washington

NSBE Region 2 Professionals would like to express our cordial thanks to all who helped make the 2018 NSBE Region 2 SC Roadshow such a success.  The list of individuals who committed themselves to the victory goes on.  At this time we would like to thank a particular member for the continuous dedication and drive to make the Midlands Chapter grow and strive to be all it can be for its members and all associated shareholders.  We recognize Phillip Washington for his selfless dedication to the National Society of Black Engineers and his commitment to excellence.

Phillip currently serves as the Treasurer for the SC Midlands Chapter; however, he does not limit his talents and dedication to the sole duty of treasurer.  He plays the vital role as an anchor to see that the mission of the organization is carried out in a stellar manner for his chapter.  When there is a need for someone to get in the gap and push the chapter to the next level, he is the first one there.  Phillip has jumped out ahead of adversity and challenges and stayed committed to the goals of the society.  During the planning stages of the Roadshow, he secured a respectable and safe location for the event as well as ensured audio/visual equipment met the needs of the event.  He coordinates and maintains the structure of the focus for all of the new members and current board members.  He simply performs before being called.

Phillip Washington, thank you for standing up in Region II and being an astonishing leader for the National Society of Black Engineers.

Collegiate Member - Marcus E. Childs

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

College/University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering Major/ Mathematics Minor

Class: Junior c/o 2019

Favorite Topic: Physics

Post-Graduation: Work for a few years to go back to school to receive Masters in Business Administration.

Ideal Job: Owner of Medical Device/ Prosthetic Servicing Company

NSBE Involvement: Marcus has been involved with NSBE, excluding NSBE Junior for almost 1 year. He is serving as the Programs Chair of the UNC-Chapel Hill Chapter, and enjoys this role because "programs paves way for many of our chapter members to know of and pursue opportunities."

Outside of NSBE: Perform Research in the Applied Biomechanics Department of UNC-Chapel Hill. Case Manager for Helping Hands Project at UNC-Chapel Hill, which involves constructing prosthetic hands for upper extremity amputee children. Techer Assistant for the Mathematics Department at UNC- Chapel Hill. Service Chair of the Psi Delta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Inc.



Protect That Pill - Research Triangle Professionals

Inspired by an activity presented at 2017 Fall Regional Conference in Greensboro, NC, the Research Triangle Professionals (RTP) hosted the Pre-College "Protect That Pill" experiment at Brentwood Magnet Elementary Middle School's Science Night in Raleigh, NC kicking off the month of February.

R2 Roadshow - South Carolina - NSBE SC Midlands

The Roadshows are an opportunity for the local Professionals Chapters to engage with each other as well as the Collegiate and NSBE Jr members. 

The SC Roadshow included Executive Director Dr. Karl Reid, Guest Speaker Lenell Geter and our PEB Chair Maurice Patterson! More than 45 students attended and participated in engineering design and science experiments. Roughly 40 professional and college students were also present. Our keynote speaker, Mr. Lenell Geter, shared his life story on how he used his knowledge of the law, faith and patience to overcome being wrongfully incarcerated over 20 years ago. Mr. Geter also discussed the importance of being ethical professionals at all times, sustaining mental health and obtaining financial wealth. He sold and signed his book, "Guilty of Innocence". We handed out NSBE pens and sports pack as gifts. We had a great time and the attendees enjoyed themselves as well. We've gained new members and NSBE bonds!

R2 Roadshow - Washington, DC - NSBE NOVA

We started the day at the Alfred Street Baptist Church Annual HBCU Festival where more than 10,000 students came to the National Harbor to learn about Historically Black Colleges. We had the opportunity to share the NSBE mission with hundreds of aspiring engineers. These students were from all along the east coast. 

Later that day, we met up in Washington, DC to network and have a brief discussion about the importance of Diversity & Inclusion. There were representatives from Bechtel, Visa, NASA and more. Some attendees received  NSBE Professionals t-shirts on behalf of the Regional Professionals Board. 

Upcoming Events

Baltimore (BMAC) Chapter

  • Engineers Week Activities (Feb 20-23)

Charleston Chapter

  • AWFE (Feb 24)
  • Wine Tasting (Mar 10)

Charlotte Chapter

  • Engineers Week Activities (Feb 18-24)
  • CIAA Welcome Mixer (Feb 28)
  • AWFE (Apr 14)

Philadelphia Chapter

  • Scholarship & Awards Brunch (Mar 17)

Research Triangle Chapter

  • Engineers Week Speed Mentoring Network with SWE at Carrington Middle School (Feb 21)

Washington, DC Chapter

  • Black Panther Private Movie Screening (February 16)
  • Engineers Week Activities (Feb 20-24)
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