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Digital Decluttering

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to September. This weekend I was up in the mountains and a storm blew out the cell tower, leaving me with 1990s dial-up speed internet. 

The downtime forced me to do a deep clean of my computer & mobile phone. It's amazing how technology allows us to capture tons of memories these days, but it's good to ensure we don't fall into the trap of digital hoarding.

This week I'll share some wonderful personal growth reads and some of the tools I used to digitally declutter.

Thanks again for reading. Do hit reply or DM me @JanelSGM to share what you liked, and what you didn't. I got two really nice emails last week. Made me smile!



Exciting news: This month I'll be building a new startup without code as part of the Makerpad T30 Challenge. I'll be doing it with my friends Pablo & Valentin (who runs Notion Everything) and it's going to be a blast. 

We’re going to build
an app that allows makers to give and receive feedback from other makersfor free. The initial idea is that we're going to matchmake people on 1-on-1 video calls where 15 minutes are spent reviewing one idea and 15 minutes are spent reviewing the other.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click the link below!

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Interesting Reads

How to Create Luck
I strongly believe that we can actively create optimal conditions for lucky things to happen to us. Shawn breaks down the 4 elements of luck in this piece.

    Kinds of Luck

    My favorite is Magnetic Luck: "Chance IV comes to you, unsought, because of who you are and how you behave." 

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      The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

      Why some people seem to be highly successful while others seem to be treading water. 

      My picks:

      • Amateurs focus on tearing other people down. Professionals focus on making everyone better.
      • Amateurs think they are good at everything. Professionals understand their circles of competence.

      Go on, read more, print it out and pin it on your wall.

      Spring Clean Your Social Media: Step-By-Step Guide

      An actionable, step-by-step guide to getting your social media accounts in good shape. Be consistent across different platforms, review your security settings and avoid poor cropping!

        Curators Are The New Creators

        Content is no longer scarce. Attention is. As information continues to be churned out at scale, high quality content curation becomes a valuable service.

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          How To Grow Your Twitter Audience

          I wrote a thread about how to grow your Twitter Audience this week and included actionable tips & tools that you can use.

          I can't believe I lurked on Twitter for so long. The connections I've made once I flipped the switch on have been amazing!

          Picture of globe with robot holding it

          What Is AI?

          A fascinating, informative overview of AI by the Emerging Tech Brew crew. 

          What's inside:

          • The history of AI
          • 14 handpicked industries that AI could shape
          • Key players
            ARK's 5 Big Ideas 2020

            Big Ideas 2020

            Want a glimpse of the technology and ideas that will drive the future? Read these 80 slides covering AI, robotics, autonomous, genomics, bitcoin, and more. 

            ARK's team members are visionaries and I can't believe they are sharing this knowledge for free. Read it. Devour it. Invest accordingly.

              Resources & Tools
              Slidebox App

              Slidebox (iPhone / Android)

              Organize your photos on your mobile with a single swipe. I've been using this for two years now to get my photos sorted, and used it heavily this weekend. It's faster than deleting photos natively on the iPhone.

              Sparkle Description

              Sparkle (Mac & Windows App)

              Sparkle is a file cleaning utility that automatically organizes the files on your computer. It helped me salvage my messy desktop & download folders. I don't think you can buy it off the shelf, but if you're an Everything bundle subscriber (20/month), you can get it for free.

              CCleaner - Freemium cleaning utility for Windows & Mac. An oldie but a goodie.

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                Rules of thumb for consumption: 1. If the content leads to passive consumption, the information quality is low.…

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                Quote Of The Week

                "All of the really successful people I know have a really strong action bias. They just do things."
                — Naval Ravikant

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                Written with love in Spain by @JanelSGM
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