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Caitlyn Lynch, Author

Here's an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from If Wishes Were Horses!

If Wishes Were Horses is EXCLUSIVELY available as part of the Tempting Luck anthology, launching March 13th and just 99¢ while in pre-order!

After a long, luxurious soak - there were even lavender bath salts in a small dish on the vanity she made good use of - Brianna pulled on the T-shirt and shorts she’d been wearing as pyjamas and opened her bedroom door. It was only eight o’clock, too early to go to bed. She wondered if Declan was in his study, or maybe in the TV room downstairs. Hesitantly, she made her way along the landing towards the stairs, pausing as she passed a small table which hadn’t been there before, a capsule coffee machine set atop it with a box of capsules and a pair of upturned mugs.

“That man’s a keeper,” she murmured to herself, and screamed with shock when the man himself said;

“Well, thank you,” just behind her.

“Don’t do that!” Brianna almost wailed, clutching at her heart.

“Sorry! I thought you’d seen my door open,” he gestured to the door across the landing. “I was bringing my small fridge out, so we can both use the milk in our coffee.”

“I stand by my words about you being a keeper,” she said as her pulse slowed, watching him muscle a small bar fridge out of his room and park it by the table before grabbing the cable and plugging it in.

Declan grinned. “Just don’t steal my beer, not that I have much of it.”

“You’re safe there. I’ve never liked the stuff.”

He straightened up, close to her, way more in her space than she normally liked people to get, but she had no urge to step back. His eyes darkened, his gaze falling to her lips, the silence suddenly humming with tension.

“We already decided this was a bad idea, didn’t we,” Brianna said after a long, breathless moment.

“Yeah, but I can’t remember why.”

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