Nobody wants to be 'basic' these days. Even the word basic sounds so, well, basic. 

But, the real definition of basic - as opposed to the pop-culture one we've adopted - is "fundamental." Something that is basic is essential, vital, and necessary. And, when we're talking about how we run our nonprofit organizations, the basics are our keys to success. 

That's why, for the next few weeks, I'm dedicating these emails to the basics of nonprofit management

It's an opportunity to put down the latest shiny object and revisit some of the fundamental aspects of running a nonprofit organization that you may not have thought about in a while, like:

  • communicating clearly;
  • letting go of everything except the main objective;
  • understanding why anyone would join/support your organization instead of another, and;
  • keeping your [governance] house in order.

So few organizations excel at the basics - opting instead to chase the trends or skip over the nitty gritty. We'll explore ways to differentiate your organization from the others by becoming the best at the most essential parts of the business.

So, basically, don't miss the next few emails 😜

Also - happy May to you.  I hope Spring is in the air (literally or metaphorically) wherever you are!

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