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It's the end of Day 4 of the SELF-CARE bootcamp!

It's that lovely time of day where we want to encourage you to do less or calm things down!

Your 5 minute audio tonight talks about how self-care is not about not having crazy busy days, it's about taking breaks in them AND switching off from them. It's about saying 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'!

More on this next week, but for now mentally park your day and relax.

CLICK HERE to listen to your wind down audio, I hope you enjoy it.

Your wind down read!

Today's wind down read is 9 EASY WAYS TO WIND DOWN AFTER A CRAZY BUSY DAY.

"You know that feeling when you're lying on your couch after a busy day, trying to relax — and anxiety suddenly rears its head? Your mind races and mental steam builds as you dwell on everything in your day..."

CLICK HERE to read.

Well done on completing Day 4!

I hope you've had a great day. You'll be receiving your morning email bright and early ready for another day of SELF-CARE tomorrow!

Janey x

Janey Holliday LTD

Heatherwood, Lennox Avenue, Sidmouth
United Kingdom

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