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Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - July 12th, 2017

Network Segmentation can protect you against ransomworms like WannaCry and Petya

Network Segmentation is the act of dividing one network into several pieces or sub-networks. In just the last few months, several worldwide hacks of various networks and corporations have taken place and have crippled many systems. These are just the latest in a series of events that highlight weaknesses in our so-called secure networks. Network Segmentation is a tactic that provides one more layer of security – and as we well know, security is best achieved by implementing it in layers.  What are the benefits of network segmentation and what are the steps to create this strategy?


What it will take for cybersecurity to become common sense

We apply common sense to a lot of things we do in life. Apparently not in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has a problem with developing common sense for people because there's just too much advice, and too many devices. The Pew Research Center surveyed more than 1,000 American adults on what they knew about cybersecurity, and, only 1 percent of Americans have so called common sense on cybersecurity. According to cybersecurity experts, if people developed better habits like with washing their hands, but against cyberthreats, it would drastically reduce the number of breaches, hacks and malware victims. People are just starting to pick up on common sense digital safety practices like passwords, Wi-Fi and multi-factor authentication. But when it comes to more nuanced issues, like what's a rootkit, people are less aware. The more technical the questions get, the further removed they are from a day-to-day experience. Cybersecurity should be looked at just as we look at a public health issue, traffic safety or other kinds of broad or universal society safety issues! Cybersecurity should become common practice.


How Blockchain Can Make Passwords Obsolete

Usernames and passwords are far from necessary in achieving secure client-server relationships online.  Larger problem is the centralized architecture of the database storing logins and passwords on a server. Which means, if it’s been hacked, all data can be accessed at once. Unfortunately, even Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has been proven to be penetrable through social engineering. Blockchain technology is at the rescue. Blockchain technology has generated a lot of excitement in the last two years in the Cybersecurity marketplace. Instead of a password, each device is given a specific SSL certificate. The certificate data is managed on the Blockchain, so a fake certificate will never work. By using this method, one gets rid of the authentication server and password database. As a consequence, hackers have no potential central server target, which means no weak point. It is claimed to give 100 percent protection against common attacks. By solving the problem of central servers that can be hacked, malicious attacks such as phishing, server and password breach, and password reuse will become useless.


7 things to do to thwart the next ransomware attack

Recent ransomware attack again highlights the importance of cybersecurity vigilance. Our objective is not to dodge the attack that just occurred. But to dodge the next one—or, just as important, to fully mitigate the impact of that next attack, should you be breached. Here, are seven best practices to put into action before the next exploit hits.

  1. Get OCD about patching
  2. Re-think backup
  3. Segment the network—and make it smarter
  4. Modernize your workspace management
  5. Invest in next-gen tech
  6. Develop response discipline
  7. Educate users

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