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Cebu City garners the 12th spot in 2019 Top 100 ‘Super Cities’. The index evaluates and ranks countries and cities based on availability and quality of talent in the area, business catalyst or the level of industry-related activity and organizational support, cost of doing business, infrastructure, innovation, and risk and quality of life among others. This goes to show how Cebu is an advancing city which will continue to develop for the next years to come. Furthermore, Cebu is not the only city in the Philippines that landed a spot in the list. We also have Manila (2nd place) and Davao (95th place).

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Happy birthday to us! SMEAG English turned 1-year last week so we decided to celebrate with a 1st anniversary party. Our executive from Cebu, educational agents, business partners and pathway school representatives joined our party and celebrated our birthday with us. We had a themed cake, music, drinks, food and most importantly a lot of good time! Our campus manager, Edward, thanked his team for hardwork and our agents and business partners for the great support shown throughout this year. We hope more partners can join us next year for our 2nd birthday. We’ll continue to work hard for our students’ learning journey. Bring on the good work!

As an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, SMEAG Global School showcases indoor recreations for students to stay in shape. SMEAG Global School’s Fitness Room features a workout area with free weights, strength and cardio equipment for physical exercises and bodybuilding activities.  In addition to that, an aerobic studio is also made available for those who want to burn off and steam without the aid of fitness equipment.

Since late last year, SMEAG-Capital has been consistently awarding its students who serve as a paragon of diligence and worth-emulating performance in terms of study.

In April, another batch of students from ESL by Cambridge, TOEIC, TOEFL, and Business English courses was awarded for their academic excellence. These students must be proud of themselves as they received their certificates as a mark of recognition in honor of their achievement.

The moment when students show up themselves to the others to be recognized is indeed priceless and unforgettable.

To continuously deliver the appropriate IELTS preparation courses that would aid candidates in reaching their target score, British Council Philippines is bringing IELTS Teacher Training Workshop to SMEAG, allowing teachers to enhance their knowledge of IELTS and the content of the test itself.

In the 2-day training, the participants are expected to learn more about the four macro skills and how they can help the test takers achieve the score they need in IELTS. This event is going to be held in SMEAG premises on May 17 and 18 from 9am-5: 00 pm.

Another Russian student has proudly reached his target score through SMEAG’s PTE Program. Mr. Egor has enrolled in SMEAG Sparta’s PTE Course for four weeks with the aim of getting a score of 79 for permanent residency application in Australia. He started with a placement score of 21, but after his period of study, he didn’t just get 79 – he got an overall score of 84! Looking at his detailed score, he is very proud that he is just four (4) points away from the perfect score in Listening and Speaking, and three (3) points away in Listening.

He is very thankful to his teachers who guided him intensively and comprehensively, as well as to the facility our PTE students are able to enjoy while studying here in SMEAG – the PTE Lounge, wherein students hold most of their classes and do self – study just to practice 24hours a day 7 days a week. This combination of quality teacher guidance and facility is just perfect for our PTE students.

With the success stories of our students, we can confidently say that SMEAG’s PTE Program is worth trying.  





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