Starweed part 2

Created by Lex Wilson, Tony Gregori, Claudia Aguirre and Lauren Norby

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It's all under control.

Hugs all around.

Last seen on Starweed, Digs Awesomesauce with her accomplice Taj tried to pull off stealing the corpse of Lenin. In Starweed, the bodies of celebrities who have passed on mixed with embalming fluid produce intoxicants that can be smoked to get high. There's a big underground market for them, the rarer the celebrity the more powerful the high.

Things go south for Digs at the end of part 1 as she gets thrown in an outer space prison orbiting earth. Part 2 opens up, the cover promising a dinosaur somewhere in the story, the inner-prison squabbling between a top-dog inmate and Digs herself. She manages to extricate herself of the situation, gaining an ally as they float down the corridors to escape.

Escape where?

Apparently it's an alternative Earth where -you guessed it- somebody's growing T Rex dinosaurs and triceratops a la Jurassic Park. The fact that a lot of cloning's going on leads to a discovery which I'll leave secret for those who read the story themselves.

Out of the frying pan...

Starweed doesn't take itself seriously. That's a good thing. The pacing is fast, irreverent, funny, with a slight nod to current events and popular people (the prison space station is named after Justin Bieber). I like how Lex Wilson and company let their heroine Digs get herself captured and in trouble just as often as she busts out of it. Lots of time there's hardly a challenge at all to the hero in other indie books, writers don't want to hurt their baby.

The art style is very lively and dynamic, with fists pumping and arms shoving. If you want to find a fun read look no further.

Next Tuesday:

A very weird 32 page comic with no words.

It's called Brokenland and it's by the phenomenal artist Drew Morrison!

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