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This week's ONE THING is a bit different than previous issues. Today we're gonna dive into a business idea which I think has tremendous potential here in Malaysia. 

See the photo above? Don't you think it will look 10x better if the book was a Kinfolk magazine or a B magazine, those aesthetic magazines that you see on the shelf of coffee shops?

The Idea: Minimalistic Aesthetic Bible 

Let's break it down...

  • The Bible is the best selling book of all time, estimated a total sales of 5 billion copies worldwide. 
  • The best part is, the Bible is not copyrighted. You can take the world's most popular intellectual property and make it your own!
  • There is an approximate 2.6 million Christians in Malaysia and I assume that a lot of the 2.6 million are millennials. (I don't have the stats, just making an assumption here). 

The Opportunity

  • The way I see it, the Bible still looks the same for the past few decades. Brown leather cover with dense text. 
  • What if you take the exact same content and package it differently?
  • What if you took the aesthetic look of a minimalistic magazine like Kinfolk & Cereal and make your own Bible? You could create an Instagram-worthy Bible that owners are proud to display it in their coffee shops. 
  • The TAM of the aesthetic Bible will also be reinvented as oppose to your conventional Bible.
  • The average 1200-page Bible cost around RM70 while a 138-page Kinfolk will cost you around RM80. You could release different issues based on the different texts on the Bible while charging the same price as a Kinfolk magazine.
  • In terms of marketing, with the rise of Christian influencers, you could pay them to help promote your Bible. 

This is not an original idea. There are already a few brands doing this (Alabaster) but so far I don't see anybody doing it here in Malaysia. With Christmas being just around the corner, don't you wish that this product exist here so you could gift it to your Christian friends? Clearly I still have a lot of work cut out for me but the story is definitely there. 

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