If you really want a jumpstart, put yourself in a room with other creative innovators.

Success is often just an idea away.

~ Frank Tyge

Postcard from Barbara

Last Call for Nashville

Postcard from Barbara

Thanks to the extreme heat and horrible air quality, I’ve just come through an unusually Slothful Summer. Even though I normally slow down a bit and focus on personal projects during the lazy summer months, this year’s weather had me barricaded at home doing less than planned.

That’s all about to change. Maybe it’s all those years I spent in school, but I still think of September as the start of a new year. I’ve been gearing up for this upcoming time of new adventures and enjoying the energy these ideas are bringing with them.

As Loudon Wainwright pointed out, “Perhaps the best reason for having calendars and for marking life in years is that the cycle itself offers hope. We need fresh starts and new chances, the conviction that beginning remain available, no matter how many we’ve blown. And the yearly clock can start anywhere along the line.”

Wainwright was onto something that has recently  be studied by a group of researchers who named it the fresh-start effect.

A team of researchers led by Katherine Milkman at the Wharton School discovered the fresh-start effect, when they found that visits to a university fitness center spiked around turning points, like birthdays, the beginning of the semester, and the beginning of the week.

They concluded that whenever we feel like there's a chance to leave our old, lazy selves behind and become our new, ideal selves, we're more motivated to make progress on our goals.

So give yourself a fresh start whenever you feel the need. Set some new goals. Dump projects that aren’t bringing you joy. Connect with a collaborator. Challenge yourself to try new things as often as possible. Celebrate the launch with a supportive friend. 

Seth Godin warns, “Teaching complicated ideas to people on a phone is like trying to teach geography to a bunch of sugared-up kids who just had a triple espresso, while they are standing on one foot being bitten by a swarm of mosquitos.” 

If you really want a jumpstart, put yourself in a room with other creative innovators. It can be the best gift you can give yourself. 

I happen to know a perfect idea incubator that’s just around the corner.

Last Call for Nashville

Ready for a fresh start?

In his classic book, Growing a Business, Paul Hawken says gardening is the best training for being an entrepreneur. Tending our plants not only teaches us patience, it also reminds us that nurturing is necessary for optimal results.

While I love that metaphor, I also know that the things we need to nurture our business (and the boss) can’t be purchased at the garden nursery. That’s where seminars and retreats come in. Simply taking time away can dig up new ideas that are waiting to be planted in your enterprise. 

Join me on September 14 & 15  for Small, Sassy and Successful and I can guarantee  you’ll leave with ideas and information that you can use to keep fertilizing your growing enterprise. It’s great way to launch your own new year.

But don’t dither. Time is running out to enroll so claim your seat now.


Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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