Our advice during the government shutdown

Crisis Budgeting

For many families in our area, the government shutdown is more than a political crisis - it is a personal & financial crisis. With it looking like this thing will drag out for a while, you have to be prepared.

We handle a LOT of bankruptcies in Southern Maryland, and we know a lot about how to avoid it. We have good advice on how to budget during a (hopefully) short term financial crisis like this one - so you can avoid falling so far behind you cannot catch up.

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Missing a Chapter 13 Payment Plan Because of the Shutdown

Many of our bankruptcy clients are government employees in a Chapter 13 repayment plan. Suddenly they find themselves without income to make the plan payment. What should they do?

Dave Gormley has been answering this question a lot the last few weeks in panicky phone calls from his Chapter 13 clients. He wrote a blog post explaining exactly what you should do if this happens to you.

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L@L - Laughing at Lawyers

We all need a little laugh right now. Since we are probably pretty upset at politicians these days, I tried to pick an appropriate meme to leave you with. 

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