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AET Teacher Newsletter - September 2020

Welcome back to this far from normal Autumn term. We hope you managed a break over the summer and that pupils are settling back well.

We are very conscious that you and colleagues will be under huge pressure to ensure the safety of children and staff and enabling the academic catch up for many children.

However, it is now a statutory requirement to provide Relationships Education, RSE and Health Education, including alcohol education – and the health and wellbeing of pupils remains a priority for us all. There are exceptions for schools whose planning has been delayed, which you can read about them here.

Our regionally based team here at the AET are always here to support you without charge with any questions, requests, required training or support wherever you are based across the UK, just email and we’ll link you with the right person.

Key Stages 3 and 4 – Years S2-4 for Scotland

To help you meet requirements, the AET resources and 6 ready to deliver lesson plans are carefully mapped to the new guidance, you can access the mapping document here

For ease of planning, sharing and delivery among staff, we have also adapted our Teacher Workbook to provide 6 ready to deliver lesson plans on topics such as alcohol and its effects, units and guidelines, alcohol and the law and staying safe. Each lesson is stand alone, but they are designed to be delivered with 4 lessons during Year 8/S2 or 9/S3 with 2 top up lessons in Years 9/S3 or 10/S4.

The implementation guidance is available here with the links to the individual PowerPoints at the end of the newsletter:

Click on the images above to access the resources!

Key Stages 4 and 5 / Years S5 – 7 for Scotland

There are of course lesson plans and activities for older age groups including fact sheets on drink drive, tops tips for staying safe at parties and festivals and what is BAC which you can access here with activities, quizzes on the young people facing website including a virtual nightclub and other interactive games.

We have added some excellent new film clips for older cohorts to use as ice breakers and conversation starters, covering drink spiking and detailed explanation of how alcohol affects our bodies and brains, which you can view via the 16+ icebreaker webpage.

We will also have PowerPoints and films available for age 16+ covering additional topics such as alcohol and violence, alcohol and consent and alcohol and cannabis coming shortly. To register your interest, please email

Key Stage 2

Research evidence suggests that a more life skills and resilience approach without too much detail on drugs and alcohol works better for KS2; too much information can encourage curiosity and experimentation. Just 1% of 11 year olds drink, so Year 7/S1 is the earliest year we recommend specific alcohol education. You can view the activities we recommend for this Year group here.

Targeted approaches for young people who are misusing alcohol or who are more vulnerable to alcohol dependency

The AET have developed a toolkit of discussion cards, information and activities designed to be used on a one to one basis or for small groups. The resources allow teachers to cover sensitive topics through pictures and prompts. The toolkit is also suitable for young people with moderate learning difficulties through the use of colours, pictures and emojis to express reactions. The laminated resources can be used again and again and are fully supported online. These resource boxes cost £60 and can be ordered from our store, however, thanks to wonderful grant funding, in most cases we are able to offer ALL our resources free of charge to schools and settings such as children’s homes, special schools, PRUs, sports and youth clubs. Please contact to see if you are eligible.

Online or face to face training

If you have new members of staff or haven’t used our resources before, we highly recommend that you book a free online or face to face familiarisation session with a member of our team. If you are in the North please email , if in the South, South West or Midlands, please email , for Scotland please email . For London and the East of England, please email

Drug and Alcohol Education Conference – 5th February 2021

As you may know, we were due to run this conference in June. This has now been postponed to 5th February 2021 and will be held at the Guildhall in London. This is a further opportunity to help ensure you are fully equipped for statutory Health Education.

This will be a day for professionals to hear from leading experts on the latest research on alcohol and drugs prevention, attend a choice of workshops on evidence-based programmes, and receive planning and evaluation advice for effective PSHE. You can find out more and book your place.

Links to our 6 new lesson plans and PowerPoints
Assessing knowledge: How much do you know about alcohol?

In Lesson 1, students explore the myths and facts around alcohol consider the reasons why people choose to drink or not.

Units and guidelines: Responsible drinking

Lesson 2 focuses on what a unit of alcohol is and the government advice on low risk drinking. Further, students explore how alcohol is processed by the body and consider the health and safety risks in binge drinking.

Alcohol and its effects - physical and social

Lesson 3 looks in more detail at how alcohol affects the body and students explore the consequences of drinking to excess for both the drinker and others around them.

Alcohol and the Law: The consequences

In Lesson 4, the students think about ways to resist peer pressure  to drink alcohol and learn about the UK laws relating to alcohol.

The effects of drinking too much

Lesson 5 revisits the possible reasons  for drinking and considers their associated risk and explore how decisions and behaviour affect risk. In addition, students learn about the social norms for alcohol consumption among young people in the UK. They revisit the laws around drinking and buying alcohol and think about strategies for keeping safe when socialising, particularly when drinking and how and when to get help.

Reflect and recap: Staying safe and avoiding risk taking

In the final lesson, students revisit their learning around alcohol and alcohol-related risks.

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Here at the Alcohol Education Trust, we take your privacy seriously, and will only use your personal information to send you our Teacher Newsletters, resource updates, details about our training events and other relevant mailings with the intention of keeping you updated on developments within the charity and on matters relating to alcohol education.

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