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It's been an incredible roller-coaster of a year, and we thank you for being alongside us through all the ups and downs and near-disasters . . . and here's one more thing we need to tell you, our Evanston friends, before you go to this LIVE Bulk Order Form (downstate CSA folks can go there now) to get your final vegetables of the season . . . 


Henry offers you his sincere apologies for all the recent back and forth, and especially for this last-minute change. Unfortunately, it has become a physical and temporal impossibility for you to place your orders, and then for us to fulfill them, and then travel up to Evanston and get them to you by Saturday morning. While it's true that Henry is a superman in many ways, even he cannot pierce the space-time continuum! 

Henry also says that this 24-hour delay will NOT affect the incredible taste and nutrition of his vegetables, and you should NOT let this deter you from making an order.  In addition to all the usual end-of-season root vegetables, there are a lot of greens available, and also a limited amout of freshly-milled heirloom cornmeal and polenta/grits, plus a very limited amount of turmeric, plus Henry's amazing popcorn, which will get you through this winter in a happy state of mind, no matter what!

Although we've changed from Saturday to Sunday, the Evanston location, time, and protocols remain the same. Be sure to review them below before coming to get your vegetables on Sunday. If you absolutely cannot make it to a Sunday morning pick-up in Evanston, please reply to this email and I (Terra) will work with you to find another time/place that works for you.

Also please note that we've pushed back the Evanston ordering deadline to midnight FRIDAY, Nov. 20.

PEORIA/MORTON/EUREKA/BLOOMINGTON/ON-FARM: Your dates/times are the same -- the order deadline is midnight, Sunday, Nov. 22, and you will pick up your order at your usual CSA place and time on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

If anyone has any questions, please reply to this email and I will help you.

Thanks so much for your patience and forbearance, and have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, and a happy, healthy winter and new year!

HERE'S the link to the Bulk Order Form!

And here's the Bulk Ordering Easy 1-2-3 . . .

1. Make your bulk order as soon as possible since it's "first-come first-served" so the sooner you get your order in, the more likely we'll be able to fill it completely!
2. After you submit make your order and pay online, you'll receive a confirmation email. If you don't,
please email henbcarlo@gmail to see if he got it or not.

3. Come to the designated place at the designated day/time, and get your vegetables! then show up in the designated time slot shown at the top of this email to pick up your order.

    Important Information for Evanston Pick-up

    WHERE to go on SUNDAY morning 11/22, and what to do:

    1. Come to the NE corner of the regular market parking lot, just behind the Hilton Garden Inn. Stay on University Place, along the curb. Do not go into the parking lot, and do not get out of your car. Wear a mask at all times (as we will, of course).
    2. When you get near Henry's truck, someone will come to your vehicle.
    3. Please have a piece of paper with your last name, and "CSA" and/or "Bulk Order" in large type ready to show the person so they can grab your vegetables.
    4. Pop your trunk (or open a door) and we'll put your vegetables in, and you'll be on your way!

    WHEN to get there: We've created time slots based on the first letter of your last name so we don't cause a traffic jam, and so you don't have a long wait time. PLEASE STICK TO THESE TIMES! If you can't make it, get a friend or neighbor to pick up your vegetables for you in the assigned time. (And if you can carpool with another CSA member, please do that, and come in whichever time slot is most convenient!)

    Last name starting in . . .

    • A-E, come from 7 to 8am
    • F-K,  8-9am
    • L-R, 9-10am
    • S-Z, 10-11am
    • and if you can't come in any of these slots, please come between 6 and 7am

    If you absolutely can't get there during the times above, reply to this email, and we'll try to accommodate. 

    Thank you so VERY much for your patience and perseverance regarding this final vegetable delivery of the season.

    Please check out Henry's Storage Tips below.

    And Evanston folks, please review the pick-up protocols below that.

    Thank you very much, and have a wonderful holiday season!

      Henry's Storage Tips

      1. All the greens,
      including the lettuce, will easily store in plastic bags in your refrigerator until Thanksgiving. In fact, they will keep well for many weeks after Thanksgiving because they have been "hardened" by the cold nights, and so will store (and taste!) better than the same greens harvested during the summer months.

      2. If you end up with more root vegetables than will fit in your refrigerator,
      put them in plastic bags (so they don't dehydrate), and store them in the coolest part of your home or garage, the closer to 32 degrees the better. If they end up in your garage, don't forget about them and let them go below freezing, or they will be ruined!

      3. Sweet Potatoes are the exception to the cold root storage rule! They are a tropical plant, so after harvesting, we cure them at a high temperature and humidity. This makes them store better (we often eat perfect sweet potatoes in March and April) and taste better (we've heard many CSA members say these are the best they've ever tasted).  Just don't keep them in a plastic bag, and don't put them in your refrigerator or anywhere cooler than 55 degrees!

      4. Garlic can be stored on the counter for many months, but keep it out of direct sunlight.

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