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The Age of Electric Vehicles (EV) has arrived. The pressing environmental need for cleaner fuels and the massive legislative push from the Indian government are twin forces driving the local market. But in many instances, the technology to support EV manufacturing has not yet been established in India.

At Jendamark India, we are working hard to stay ahead of the curve and drive our customers into the future. We are proud to launch our Global EV Core Team who will be:

  • investigating new technologies to give our customers the latest high-tech solutions
  • expanding our knowledge of the EV sector
  • engaging with new and potential customers
  • building Jendamark’s own EV demo cart

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Financial facts

A surge in the sales of Electric Vehicles (EV) could be an indication of brighter days to come. In this financial year, EV sales in India stood at Lakh units:

Growth predictions

Features like immediate torque, a silent ride and premium performance are making electric vehicles an attractive option for buyers – with the added bonus of social respect for their ‘green’ credentials.

The projected growth for this vehicle segment suggests a steady increase in sales over the next decade.

Our EV core team

Our new global EV core team is divided into four functional areas, with three or four members each.

Supplier focus

  • Developing the right supplier partnerships and maintaining a database of comparative offerings.
  • Partnering with suppliers to develop unique solutions.

Marketing focus
  • Core marketing, including student engagement and social media.
  • Building up a demo EV from design to manufacturing, purchasing, painting etc.
Regulation and policy focus

  • Studying relevant EV policies, government regulations and related areas like EV infrastructure and afterlife of cells.

Product focus
  • Investigating various products and components used across the full EV range, including 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler and commercial vehicles.

We meet twice a month to discuss supplier and customer engagement, brainstorm ideas and share learnings on new technologies. We are also providing opportunities to our suppliers to present their range of products and adapt them to EV needs.

Jendamark’s EV demo cart

Our team has taken on the challenging task of building our own EV demo cart. Its purpose is to understand the entire EV manufacturing process and to showcase our technologies to customers. Here’s a sneak peek at the preliminary sketch and final design:

Jendamark is proud to be supporting a team of student interns, both technically and commercially, in constructing this project. Our aim is to help them develop a proper understanding of the EV world, prepare them to meet the challenges of this new market and lessen our country’s dependence on imports.

Think local. Support local. Act global.

Phase 2 of the government’s Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME) industry scheme has encouraged many companies to start building EVs. While many initially bought input machines, raw material and products from China, the current COVID-19 pandemic disruptions and global economic instability have forced manufacturers to look for local options.

Jendamark India has built a reputation for supplying complete assembly solutions. We are proud to have successfully delivered India’s first automated battery pack line for local EV giant Mahindra Electric in Bangalore in 2018/19.

Several global companies are now planning to set up new EV plants in India. We have been a pioneer in assisting these companies in their objectives and are in advanced discussions with a number of others. We look forward to connecting with your business!

Stay well,
Himanshu Jadhav
| CEO & Director, Jendamark India
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