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Approach your project from a different angle 🤔

Do you ever get stuck or feel like you’ve hit a creative block when working on a project? Try approaching it from a different angle. It’s a tactic that has helped me get unstuck many times.

The creative process is not linear. There is not simply one way to build an app, write a book, or create a video. Try switching up the process. Design the interface last. Write the last line of every chapter first. Record all the B-roll footage at the start.

You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference it can make when you get off of a comfortable track and force yourself to create differently.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Now for today’s introductions...

⚡ Meet TillyPay - Simplify your payments

TillyPay is a payment platform that allows you to create fast and easy payment links. If you accept payments for your services or digital products, you can create payment links and send them out via SMS. You can facilitate one-time or recurring payments.

I love how TillyPay enables you to reduce the friction between you and your customer. They do the minimum, and you reap the rewards of a simply and easy payment experience for them. TillyPay charges 3.9% + 30 cents for unlimited payment links. It’s integrated with Stripe and that price includes Stripe’s fees. Sign up on the site and give it a try if you think TillyPay is for you.

👋 Meet Marie Poulin - @mariepoulin

Marie Poulin is a consultant who helps business owners develop processes and systems to support their growth. She’s also a Notion master. She’s the host of Notion’s official weekly office hours where she shows you new use cases for Notion and fields your questions.

I also love her YouTube video series on mastering Notion. You can follow her on Twitter to get a taste for her insightful content and resources.


🚀 Meet Oxus - The SaaS subscription marketplace

Oxus is a creative marketplace for sharing SaaS subscriptions, created by Colin Winhall. Oxus is a way to find and communicate with other makers who are interested in sharing a premium subscription with others.

I love how Colin is addressing a problem that he experienced himself as a maker and other makers do as well: trying to balance the need for better tools with the expense that can be prohibitive to individuals at the higher tier. Oxus was built with Adalo. He’s launching Oxus on Product Hunt today and you can support him using the link below.

Oxus on Product Hunt

Spread the Love and Earn Rewards 🎁

I'm excited to announce that you can now earn rewards by sharing No-Code Coffee with your friends! When you refer a friend and they sign up, you'll earn real rewards at each milestone.

To get started, simply click the button below to go to your personal page. From there, you can see the reward tiers and track your progress.

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🎁 In the last few days you met...

Saturday 5/2:
Heek - The chatbot that makes websites
👋 @profeshsam - Sam Lloyd
🚀 Yesterday's Weather - Today's weather, compared to yesterday's

Friday 5/1:
Restream - Multistream to 30+ Platforms Simultaneously
👋 @codegician - Yitzi Ginzberg
🚀 Flowmingo - Webflow jobs board & education site

Thursday 4/30:
Super - Supercharge your Notion docs
👋 @NoCodeSuperHero - Enrico Faccioli
🚀 NoHQ - Build better remote teams

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I hope you enjoyed this!

I'll be back tomorrow with another set of introductions. If you're getting value out of this newsletter please consider buying me a coffee. ☕

- Michael Gill


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